Is a Male or a Female Cavapoo Better?

Have you been desperately trying to decide whether to buy a male or female Cavapoo? There are numerous benefits and drawbacks of both genders of Cavapoo (aka Cavoodle) which may influence your final decision. But generally speaking, this will depend on your circumstances. In this article, we will help you determine whether a male or female Cavapoo is better for you.

Is a Male or Female Cavapoo Cavoodle Better

What Gender of Cavapoo is Better?

A male Cavapoo will usually be affectionate and highly energetic, which can make them great fun to own. While, a female Cavapoo may be better if you’d like a dog that will be more laid back and quieter in behavior and generally more loving overall.

The Main Differences Between Male and Female Cavapoos

So, what are the main differences between male and female Cavapoos? Every Cavapoo is different, so there’s no exact answer to this question; while most will fit the gender trends, a small handful of Cavapoos will probably be exceptions to the rule.

As such, before buying or adopting your new Cavapoo, you should always start by making sure that you’ve considered their temperament at the owner’s or breeder’s. If you’re not quite sure a puppy or dog is right for you, don’t take it home with you. (No matter how big its puppy dog eyes are). It’s never much fun having to give up a dog down the line because you can’t handle its antics, after all. And this really isn’t fair on you or your four-legged friend. A Cavapoo is for life, not just for Christmas, as the old saying goes.

Still, there are some stereotypical traits you might expect to see in both male and female Cavapoos. These could include the following points.

Traits of Male Cavapoos

First of all, let’s consider some of the most common traits of male Cavapoos. Male Cavapoos are generally quite similar to female Cavapoos, but there may be a few slight differences.

Male Cavapoos Can Be Energetic

First of all, male Cavapoos may be more energetic and boisterous than female Cavapoos. As such, when comparing the two genders, you should definitely start by considering whether you want a more energetic dog. These may be able to play for longer and are great fun. But they may also be more difficult to train as they may have less patience.

What’s more, male Cavapoos, due to their slightly greater excitability, may also require slightly longer walks or playtime to prevent them from getting bored or boisterous at home.

Male Cavapoo Potential for Slightly Greater Aggression, If Uncorrected

Another key trait of male Cavapoos, generally, is that they can be marginally more aggressive. Especially if they come face to face with another entire male. This could lead to potential fights, especially if a female is in the vicinity.

However, this is something that is primarily determined by the dog’s upbringing. And it’s perfectly possible to own a male Cavapoo that’s well behaved and obedient. So long as he is given the correct environment and training at a young age.

Cavapoo Male Marking His Territory

Perhaps the most obvious difference with a male Cavapoo is his natural urge to mark his territory. Indeed, while both genders will actually mark their territory. This is often much easier to see (and more embarrassing) with a male Cavapoo, who will likely lift his leg to mark his territory.

Male Cavapoo Lifespan

As a final point, we should say that male Cavapoos – as with any animal – typically live slightly shorter lives than females.

When males and females from the same litter are raised in the same environment, evidence suggests that males will have a slightly shorter life span, cutting your time with your beloved Cavapoo slightly. However, you should never decide on this alone.

Traits of Female Cavapoos

What about female Cavapoos? Most commonly, female Cavapoos typically tend to be a lot calmer than males. And this may make them a potentially better option if you want a slightly calmer life.

Female Cavapoos are also typically more mature than young males. Which may make it possible to train a female Cavapoo at a slightly earlier age. And could also allow them to become more well-mannered and easy to handle.

Female Cavapoos are a Little Smaller

Is a Male or Female Cavapoo Better

Since female Cavapoos will often be a little smaller than male Cavapoos – a trait that’s common in the majority of dog species – they may take a little less feeding than a male. This may make female Cavapoos a little more affordable in the long term perspective to take care of.

In addition, since they are slightly smaller and quieter usually than males, female Cavapoos may require marginally fewer long walks.

However, the difference will be minimal, so you should always tailor the length of walk based on your dog’s energy levels. If you find that your Cavapoo is returning home and is still bounding with energy, you may want to consider a slightly longer walk. Or a twice-a-day walk to help them get the extra energy out of their system.

Be Prepared for Seasons With Female Cavapoos

While female Cavapoos are generally quite calm and maybe quieter than males, there’s an exception: when your female Cavapoo is in season.

When your Cavapoo is in season, or one heat, you may notice quite a significant change in her behavior. She may become a little more standoffish and unpersonable for a while. And she may also express a heightened interest in other males.

She may mark her territory more during this time too to let other males know that she is receptive to their advances.

And, of course, you should always be aware of the potential that she could try to fight with other dogs in her hormone-enhanced state.

With this in mind, when buying or adopting an unneutered female Cavapoo, you should check to be sure that you know the signs of your Cavapoo being in season. And have advice on how to handle her during this more sensitive time.

Female Cavapoo Stockier Build

Generally speaking, females of a species are more slender in build. This is often the case with dogs, too. Although many female Cavapoos, in a slight twist, may have an ever so slightly stockier build. This doesn’t necessarily impact her life for the better or worse; it’s really just a question of which you prefer – a slender dog or a stockier one.

Castrate or Neuter your Cavapoo to Stop Naughty Behaviors

If you find that your male Cavapoo is becoming too boisterous to handle, or if your female Cavapoo’s seasons are making her a little too snappy, you could consider castrating or neutering your dog to help ease these reactions. You should always get your pet castrated or neutered at your professional local vet’s, and this is often a routine management tool for people with pet dogs.

If you have no intentions to breed, castrating and neutering can help prevent unwanted accidents. When your female Cavapoo wants to breed, you may have a hard time stopping her from finding the nearest entire male – or vice versa! What’s more, castration and neutering is a relatively simple operation, and your dog should recover from the procedure very quickly.

In the long term, this can help make everything much calmer. And aside from the obvious anatomical differences, a neutered female and a castrated male are very similar in temperament in many cases. Plus, once you’ve castrated or neutered your pets, you can easily keep different genders together.

Can Male and Female Cavapoos Be Trained to Control Their Behavior

There’s some degree of genetic factor when it comes to the behavior of your Cavapoo. And their gender will also play a slight role. However, a significant factor regarding your Cavapoo’s behavior is how they are handled. And whether they have been taught to behave well.

As such, after getting your Cavapoo, it’s important that you do your best to teach them good manners – especially as a puppy.

After all, there’s some meaning in the old saying, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

A dog that is allowed to get away with misbehaving for years will be much more prone to bad behavior when you buy or adopt it.

Plus, while you technically could train these behaviors out, it would likely take a very long time and a lot of patience.

So, if you’re starting with a younger animal or a puppy, ensuring they are well trained and provided with a calming environment is a good way to help them settle down and behave well.

Cavapoo Puppy Equipment

Cavapoo Puppy -Is a Male or a Female Cavapoo Better

As a final point of note, it’s well worth considering whether or not you have the right equipment in your home when buying a new Cavapoo. Indeed, many people find a Cavapoo for sale and immediately go to buy it. But only realize after that they don’t necessarily have the equipment their Cavapoo needs to be happy and healthy.

As such, regardless of whether you’re buying a male or female Cavapoo, ensure you have the following belongings to hand to help your new addition to the family settle in.

Remember, your new Cavapoo will need a lot of care and grooming to keep them looking at their best.

And you might also find that your Cavapoo exhibits sexual behaviors such as territory marking and humping. So be prepared to face these during your preparations too.

Some key essentials we recommend before getting your Cavapoo include the following options. These can help make your transition to life with a new dog much easier.

Greener Walker Biodegradable Dog Poo Bags

Let’s face it – your new four-legged friend is going to need to go at some point. And these biodegradable dog poop bags from Greener Walker are a great option. Super strong and durable, with an unscented design so as not to be overwhelming. It’s easy to see why they’ve achieved massive ratings from over 22,000 other dog owners. So, once your new Cavapoo is heading out for walks, make sure to give them a try!

Dog Grooming Kit Clippers

Your new Cavapoo will most likely be incredibly fluffy – it’s part of their charm if you ask us! But this can potentially represent some problems for his or her happiness. With this in mind, if you want to make sure your Cavapoo doesn’t get too hot during the summer months, these budget-friendly dog grooming clippers are ideal. And they’ll save you the expense of heading to the groomers every few weeks.

Slicker Brush

If you’re not quite ready to clip your gorgeous Cavapoo just yet, at a bare minimum, you absolutely need a specialist dog brush. Luckily, this excellent slicker brush is perfect for detangling even those super stubborn knots and tangles. So you and your Cavapoo can get on with your day instead!

Aipper Dog Puppy Toys 12-Pack

Don’t let your brand new Cavapoo get bored (and begin taking out their boredom on your furniture!). Whether you simply have an excitable male Cavapoo or a female Cavapoo puppy who’s teething and trying to chew on everything, this excellent 12-pack of toys offers the perfect sacrificial victim instead of the corner of the sofa. Your Cavapoo will have hours of fun chewing on them.

Calming Dog Donut Bed

This wonderful calming dog bed is the ideal option to keep your beloved new Cavapoo happy and calm. Whether it’s for a post-walk nap or simply somewhere for him or her to snuggle down at night. Plus, it’s designed in a range of colors to tie in with any house design.

Heavy Duty Dog Playpen

Whether you’re tidying up and need to keep your new Cavapoo out from under your feet for a while, this pet playpen is the ideal solution.

Foldable, it stores away effortlessly and is perfect for both temporary and longer-term use. And it can be packed out with all of your Cavapoo’s favorite toys to keep things fun and interesting!

And while there are cheaper playpens on the market, experience has taught me that a strong and durable playpen is a great investment. Additionally, one that’s not too low. Even small breed dogs like Cavapoo puppies are good climbers when they want to get to their beloved owners!

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