Yorkiepoo Coat Types And How To Care For Them

Yorkiepoo Dog With Rope Toy

What’s not to love about the adorable combination of Yorkshire Terrier and Poodle? The resulting Yorkiepoo dog is a fluffy bundle of cuteness that has produced some sought-after coat types. Inheriting their coat from the Yorkie and Poodle means their coats come in a variety of textures. So what different coat types does the Yorkiepoo … Read more

Why Does My Aussiedoodle Smell? (And How to Make it Smell Better!)

Aussiedoodle Puppy

Does your Aussiedoodle suddenly smell really bad? Are you struggling to figure out the reason behind this strange new odor? You are in the right place! In this article, I’ll go through some of the reasons why your Aussiedoodle may smell bad. And, more importantly, how to make it smell better. So, why does your … Read more

Jackapoo Coat Types And How To Care For Them

Jackapoo on the rug

So you’ve seen them and it is pretty obvious that the Jackapoo breed is a great mix between the energetic Jack Russel and fun-loving Poodle, but what are the different coat types that a Jackapoo can inherit? What Are the Different Types of Jackapoo Coats? The Jackapoo breed can inherit several different types of coats … Read more

Do Jackapoos Shed: Are They Hypoallergenic Dogs?

Jackapoo Sitting in the Garden

Before you consider getting a Jackapoo, or any pet for that matter, it’s good to know how much they shed and whether they are hypoallergenic or not. This is vital information that will prepare you for anything related to grooming needs or the effects they might have on allergies. Do Jackapoos Shed? Like most dogs, … Read more

Aussiedoodle Coat Types And How To Care For Them

Black and white Aussiedoodle

Are you thinking of getting an Aussiedoodle? Before making that decision, there is a very important factor to consider. What are Aussiedoodle coat types and how to care for them? The most apparent variation between Aussiedoodles is their coats. And the three main coat types of the Aussiedoodle dog are curly, wavey, and straight. Aussiedoodles, … Read more

Do Cavapoos Shed Hair or Their Coat? (Answered by an Owner)

Owner combing a Cavapoo with detangled hair on comb.

Cavapoos are known as a low shed hypoallergenic dog breed. Does this suggest that all Cavapoos shed is identical, or can coat or generation type play a role? Find all the answers here. All dog breeds shed, but with Cavapoos, the shed amount can vary from little to insignificant.  Knowing your Cavapoos genetic makeup can … Read more

Shampoo Options for Cavapoos (Puppies and Adults) 

cute puppy taking a bath on a bath basin

Cavapoos have a mid-length, curly, wiry coat that needs maintenance, including baths. You should bathe your Cavapoo at least every month, but what type of shampoo should you use when it’s bath time? The best shampoo for Cavapoos is dog-friendly without any artificial dyes and fragrances that can dry out your dog’s skin and irritate … Read more

What Age To Start Grooming Cavapoo Puppy

When to Start Grooming Cavoodle Cavapoo Puppy

Knowing when and how to groom your Cavapoo puppy is essential for caring for your furry friend. Not all Cavapoos (Cavoodles) are head-over-heels with grooming. So knowing how to prepare your Cavapoo and acquiring the correct tools makes the grooming process effortless and uncomplicated. Let’s find out more. Cavapoo Grooming Age Recommendations It’s best to … Read more

Why Does My Cavapoo Smell? How To Make It Smell Better?

Why Does My Cavapoo Smell and How to Make it Smell Better

What’s that smell? There is nothing worse than your beloved Cavapoo (aka Cavoodle) approaching for an intimate cuddle only to envelop you in an unpleasant pong. Regrettably, no dog is immune to stinking, but fortuitously the Cavapoo’s Cavalier and Poodle parents are well-known stink-free breeds. Diet, hygiene, and other external factors are the root cause … Read more

How Often Should You Groom a Cavapoo Dog?

Cavapoo Having a Bath - How Often Should You Groom A Cavapoo Dog

Many of us know the look of disdain on a hair stylist’s face when we have resorted to cutting our own fringe, or developed a style that is way out of date or proportion. This is how groomers feel when presented with an untidy or matted Cavapoo (Cavoodle) dog. So how often should you groom … Read more