Do Cavapoos Bark A Lot? Answered!

All dogs bark, but some breeds have a reputation for yapping more than others. Is the Cavapoo a vocal breed, or are they just big on personality? Why do some Cavapoos bark, and can the barking be corrected or avoided? Here are all the answers.

Barking Cavapoo Cavoodle -Do Cavapoos Bark A Lot
Barking Cavapoo Dog

All dogs are susceptible to barking, but Cavapoos are known to have a high barking tendency. Typically, there is an explanation for the bark, and unwanted barking can usually be corrected by identifying triggers, changing their environment, and training.

Can Genetics Play a Role in Dog Barking?

Some dog breeds are more susceptible to barking than others, but a dog’s personality, environment, and experience also play a role in their need to bark.

The Cavapoo’s Cavalier and Poodle Parents

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is not known as a yappy or needy dog and will usually only bark if feeling threatened. However, the Poodle is more vocal and will bark for attention when anxious or left alone.

If your Cavapoo has taken after the Poodle parent more than the Cavalier parent, you may find that their tendency to bark may be greater.

Both parents’ loving and gentle nature support the idea that Cavapoos typically bark more out of excitement, attention, loneliness, or threat than out of aggression or hostility.

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Explanations for Your Cavapoos Barking

You may find yourself shocked and perplexed as to why your always silent and well-behaved Cavapoo has suddenly started barking and vocalizing a lot. There is usually a reason for a sudden behavior change, and here are some common Cavapoo barking triggers.

Look at Me! Barking

Cavapoos want to be and thrive on being the center of your world. This is even more noticeable when they are puppies.

They are a highly sociable breed that forms strong bonds with their human family. They can suffer from separation anxiety and may bark to release tension when left alone for extended periods.

Cavapoos are also a small breed that may make using their voice to be heard and noticed when entering a room far more effective than their little bodies.

How to Help Cavapoo Anxiety

Providing your Cavapoo with a variety of mentally stimulating toys before leaving will help to keep them distracted while you are gone. A treat can also promote a positive association with you leaving on the way out.

Leave soft music or your television on for company and avoid overdoing the excitement when returning home.

Your Cavapoo is Social Barking

Cavapoos are social dogs, and if you have a neighborhood with several dogs that enjoy barking or howling, you may find that your Cavapoo starts barking simply to join in the conversation. 

Barking is a communication tool, and the surrounding barks may be too tempting for your furry friend to ignore.

Cavapoo Might Bark Due to Discomfort

Barking triggered by discomfort can be harder to identify but worth identifying to correct. Your Cavapoo may bark to communicate their unhappiness or discomfort with something physically upsetting them or their environment.  

Cavapoos are creatures of habit, and if you move home or go to an area that they may not be familiar with, they may feel uncomfortable and bark. Change can place a lot of uncertainty and anxiety on your Cavapoo and could intensify barking.

Some Cavapoos may bark if they are too hot, hear unknown sounds, or have a skin bite or irritation.

Sometimes, a new experience or event such as a bee or fly buzzing past their ears or a leaf landing on their nose can startle your Cavapoo and make them bark.

Cavapoos Bark in Defense

Barking Cavapoo Dog - Do Cavapoos Bark A Lot
Cavapoos can bark in defense

Cavapoos will defend their humans and alert them of any unknown noises or people near the home. Some continue to bark until they have your attention, and you acknowledge their warning.

Although this is typically not a bark to avoid, you will need to teach your Cavapoo the difference between a threat and a visitor or passer-by.

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Cavapoo Barks in Frustration

Your Cavapoo may bark out of frustration when unable to access their favorite chew toy. They may continue to bark until someone comes to the rescue.

Cavapoo Barks in Excitement

If you own a Cavapoo, you will know what balls of energy and excitement they are. Cavapoos can get extremely excited when you return home or when in the mood to play and may start barking out of delight.

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How and When to Fix a Cavapoo Barking Issue

If your Cavapoo is barking on and off due to excitement or a new situation, there is usually no need for concern. If, however, they bark excessively during the day or night and start to affect your sleep or the surrounding neighbors, you will need to have the barking addressed.

The Younger, The Better

We all know the saying, ‘Old habits die hard.’ Take the time and effort to correct bad habits when your Cavapoo is young. An older Cavapoo’s habits will be more challenging to break.


Cavapoos are a highly intelligent breed that is always eager to please, making training much more straightforward. Decide what is triggering unwanted barking, ensure all family members remain consistent and agree to stick to the training methods.

By teaching your Cavapoo to bark on-demand, you can teach them when barking is and is not appropriate. Once you have mastered barking on-demand, you can move on to teaching them to be quiet on request. Treats and positive reinforcement usually do the trick.

Distractions are also an excellent aid in breaking the bark cycle. Call your Cavapoo to play or throw a toy to distract them from any bark stimuli.

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Bark Control Devices

These devices effectively distract your Cavapoo by safely emitting a sound or smell when they bark unnecessarily. Numerous owners safely and successfully use them in training their Cavapoos.

Here are some recommended options:

MODUS Ultrasonic Dog Barking Deterrent, 2-in-1 Dog Training, and Bark Control Device. A highly rated option suitable for all-sized dogs. The device emits an ultrasonic sound to grab the attention of your dog.

STOPWOOFER Ultrasonic Dog Training-Bark Control Device for Small Medium and Large Dogs. This is by far one of the best-selling bark control devices. Easy to use, safe and rechargeable in two hours. A bonus is that it can last up to two weeks when charged.

Other Simple Anti-Bark Options

Cavapoo Dog in the Park
Cavapoo at the park, getting exercise

Exercise your Cavapoo with games and walks to use up excess energy. The less energy your Cavapoo needs to burn, the less likely they will be inclined to bark.

Additionally, consider closing your curtains or blinds to obstruct your Cavapoo’s view, making them less motivated to bark at passers-by.

What Not To Do

Shouting and ignoring your barking Cavapoo will not help and can damage your bond and their mental well-being.

It is never ok to hit, shock, muzzle, or pinch your Cavapoo to stop them from barking.

Preferably speak calmly and firmly than use tactics that can negatively affect their psychological health, cause them harm, or create negative associations with visitors.  

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