Is A Male or Female Cockapoo Better?

If you have tried picking out the perfect Cockapoo puppy from a litter, you will be familiar with how exceptionally hard it is. Choosing between a male or female can be equally tricky. But is one Cockapoo gender better than another?

White cockapoo looking up to its owner

Male Vs Female Cockapoo – Which Gender is Better?

Male or female, your Cockapoo’s gender type does not make it any superior. A dog’s personality and DNA, as well as how they are socialized and trained, will significantly affect its behavior.

Both male and female Cockapoos make fantastic family dogs, but you should still consider gender differences before choosing. Some gender differences may suit your family and lifestyle better.

Let me assist in breaking down some of the differences.

Cockapoo Temperament and Personality

Cockapoo Standing in a Park
Cockapoo Standing in a Park

Are you looking for a lap dog that is eager to please, energetic, and constantly craving anyone’s or everyone’s attention?

If so, the male Cockapoos tend to have that easy-going, goofy, playful character. They seldom tire of playing or receiving affection from their owners.

Female Cockapoos, although also loving and affectionate, does not require the same attention and are more independent than males.

They, too, love play and cuddles but will decide when and how much is enough. They are notorious for occasionally wanting their own space and may even get a tad irritable if they are not allowed the freedom to do so.  

Female Cockapoos are also known to get more spoiled than the average male. So, keep this in mind if you choose the cheeky female fur friend option.

How Does This Affect Your Choice?

Are you at home more than you are out, able to offer loads of attention and cuddles, or have children with loads of energy to burn? A male Cockapoo may be the answer.  Male Cockapoos thrive on affection and have boundless amounts of energy.

If you are not at home much or do not have the energy to play endlessly, a female may suit you better. Females are more independent and, although they do enjoy a cuddle, are not as needy.

Trainability of Cockapoo Dogs

white and brown short-haired cockapoos sitting on the floor
Cockapoos sitting indoors

Cockapoos are well-known as an intelligent breed, and both males and females are equally bright and relatively easy to train.

Despite this, male Cockapoos are known to train more easily than females. They typically house train much more quickly than females.

Male Cockapoos are more obedient and easier to please. Their happy-go-lucky attitude and ease with which they listen and submit make them easier to train.

On the other hand, the female Cockapoo’s independence often makes them more stubborn and dominant in nature. Assertive training is often necessary.

If a female Cockapoo is unmotivated or doesn’t fancy listening to what you have to say – you can stand on your head screaming, and they will not budge!

How Does This Affect Your Choice?

If you have the patience and budget to train your Cockapoo, then any gender can work for you.

If, however, time is a luxury for you and you have little to no patience for cheek, perhaps a male Cockapoo will better suit your personality and lifestyle.

Cockapoo Size and Weight

Cockapoos in different colors sitting on the couch
Cockapoos in different colors

Cockapoos come in standard and miniature sizes, so their weight and height can differ substantially.

Although not a massive difference, the male Cockapoo will, on average, be slightly taller and have a bigger build than the female. They usually differ by approximately 2 pounds (900 grams) in weight and about two inches (5 centimeters) in height.

This is certainly not a significant enough size or height difference to radically alter your decision to purchase a female instead of a male Cockapoo (or vice versa).

Are Both Cockapoo Genders Good with Other Pets?

Male and female Cockapoos are similarly good around dogs, cats, and other animals if they have been adequately socialized as puppies.

Male Cockapoos With Pets

Male Cockapoos are typically very accepting of other pets. Yet, keep in mind that if you decide not to neuter your Cockapoo, you may bear witness to some undesirable behavior.

Unneutered males may start humping other pets, and if you decide to introduce another male to your home, they may begin marking their territory (both inside and outside).

Female Cockapoos With Pets

Female Cockapoos are also relatively good with other pets, but several may not enjoy sharing their home with other females.

You may witness the occasional fight or humping when they try to assert their dominance over the other female. This is more evident in female Cockapoo that is not adequately trained.

Are Both Cockapoo Genders Suitable for Families with Children?

Boy playing with his cockapoo dog in the backyard.
Boy playing with his cockapoo dog in the backyard.

Both male and female Cockapoos are excellent family dogs that love and enjoy the company of children.

Male Cockapoos and Children

Due to the male Cockapoo’s high energy levels and continuous ability to play, they are typically more popular with families with small children.

Male cockapoos will always be excited to see you and will undoubtfully become your child’s shadow. They do not lack playfulness or the ability to cuddle endlessly.

Female Cockapoos and Children

The female Cockapoo is also extraordinarily loving, but since they are more independent, they do not always demand affection and love. Female Cockapoos do not have the same need for constant affection as their male siblings.

Be aware that female Cockapoos tend to choose a ‘person’ in the family to whom they attach themselves. This may not be received well in a family with several children competing for the same Cockapoo’s attention.

Cockapoo Appearance and Coat Type

Whether your Cockapoo is male or female, its appearance and coat type are not influenced by gender. Genetics strictly determines their appearance and coat type.

Cost Differences

How much you pay for a Cockapoo depends on where and whom you choose to purchase them from. Breeders charge different rates depending on how recognized or reliable they are as breeders.  

Because most breeders are now issuing buyers with non-breeding disclosures, there is no longer a massive difference in price between purchasing a male or female Cockapoo.

The average price for a Cockapoo is typically approximately $2000. (It’s worth it, I promise!)

Health Differences

The life expectancy, health problems, and concerns for male and female Cockapoos remain the same. There is no gender-specific health issue that you need to be aware of.

Your Cockapoo’s health depends solely on its genetics, environment, diet, and exercise. Instead of concerning yourself with their gender, try rather to attain reliable ancestry details from your breeder.

Cockapoo Male Vs Female Differences Summarized

Take a look at this simple summary of male verses female Cockapoos.

This summary will give you a better understanding of the main Cockapoo gender differences and help you choose a furry friend that best suits your lifestyle and family – happy puppy searching!

DifferencesMale CockapooFemale Cockapoo
Main Personality TraitsHigh energy, easy-going, playful.Loving, stubborn, intelligent.
Attention NeedsHigh – needs constant attention.Med-low maintenance, independent.
TrainabilityEasy to train/potty train, eager to please.Harder to train, more stubborn.
Size and WeightSlightly higher, larger, heavier than females.Slightly shorter, smaller, lighter than males.
MaturityRemain puppies for longer.Mature faster than males.
Good with familiesVery good. Affectionate and playful.Good.  Attach more to one person.
Good with petsVery good.  Good. May fight/hump other females to assert dominance.
Not neutered/spayedIncreased marking of territory. Aggression due to higher testosterone levels. May try to escape to seek out females.Go on heat twice a year. May try to escape when in heat.
Male Vs Female Cockapoo

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