Cavapoo Puppy Checklist: Preparing For A New Puppy

Bringing home your new Cavapoo puppy is an exciting time! There’s a lot you can do to prepare for your new puppy’s arrival. Here we share a Cavapoo, also known as Cavoodle, puppy check-list to help you prepare for your new arrival.

Cavapoo Puppy Check-List - Preparing for a New Puppy - Cavoodle
Cavapoo (Cavoodle) Puppy

Cavapoo Puppy Raising Research

Before bringing home your new Cavapoo puppy, spend as much time as you can researching. You should research how to raise a puppy, your puppy’s health, how to train your puppy and Cavapoo grooming.

There is heaps of information you can find online, like this site, and you can find information on youtube, other sites online and books.

Being prepared before bringing your Cavapoo home will ensure you know what to expect. You can also draw on your new knowledge when things might not go to plan once your new pup is home and you’re feeling a little sleep-deprived.

Choose a Local Vet

Get to know your local vet. Research reviews, and ask dog-owning neighbors and friends who they go to and recommend. Once you get your new puppy home, chances are he will be due for a vaccination soon.

And many new puppy owners like to get a puppy health check performed sooner rather than later to ensure their Cavapoo puppy is in optimal health.

Visiting your vet from a young age is also a great way for your puppy to develop a positive relationship with the vet.

Find a Great Puppy School

Early socialization is fantastic for your puppy and puppy school is beneficial for both puppy and new owners. If you are a new dog owner, puppy school is invaluable.

At puppy school you will learn firsthand some basic puppy training and providing positive socialization from an early age will help set you and your puppy up for life.

Pet Insurance

Owning a puppy can be more expensive than many owners first realize. Beyond the initial purchase cost of your Cavapoo puppy, there are of course the ongoing cost of food, dog gear, grooming and vet bills. These costs might also extend to doggy daycare and possible kennel costs if you go on holiday.

So when a medical emergency happens, you don’t want to be caught financially short. One way to protect yourself and your puppy, it to invest in Pet Insurance. You can research your pet insurance options before purchasing your Cavapoo so you’re all prepared on the day of pick-up.

Pet insurance is not a condition of owning a puppy but if you like the reassurance of paying a certain amount each year for veterinary coverage then it can be a very good option.

An alternative to this is to set aside an emergency fund especially for unexpected vet costs in case you need it.

Cavapoo Puppy Gear

Cavapoo Puppy Check-List - Cavoodle

You will need some gear to get you started. Items to buy before bringing home your Cavapoo puppy include:

Collar, Harness and Leash

A collar, harness and leash in a puppy size. Your puppy will outgrow these so there’s no need for anything too fancy here. They are important though, so be sure to make this small investment so you can start your puppy on a lead once he’s home with you.

Food and Water Bowl

Stainless steel bowls for food and ceramic bowls for water are a good idea. Using a heavy ceramic bowl for water means it won’t be tipped over and split everywhere by your enthusiastic puppy. While a stainless steel food bowl is hygienic, safe and easy to clean.

Puppy Pen and Crate 

These are both really helpful, especially in the puppy stage. And many owners continue to use a crate for their Cavapoo dog as they get older. The crate becomes a place of peace and quiet, somewhere your Cavapoo can go to relax.

Puppy Bed

A puppy bed or old towels for bedding. There will be toileting accidents as your Cavapoo becomes house trained. Dog beds can be used inside their crate but it’s also a good idea to have plenty of old towels on hand to use as bedding when beds need washing.

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Car Crate

WDM Airline Approved Cat Carrier, Soft Sided Collapsible Puppy Carrier with Locking Safety Zippers, Removable Fleece Pad and Pockets for Small Dogs Puppies Large Cat

Going out and about with your new Cavapoo puppy will mean trips in the car. You can use a small soft doggy car crate for your pup but again, he will likely grow out of this.

Using a car crate is a great idea for driver safety; you don’t want an excitable pup exploring the car while you are driving.

>>check the price of the Puppy Car Crate here.

Baby Gates

Keep your new pup out of unwanted areas of the house by blocking doorways with baby gates. As your Cavapoo puppy matures and becomes house trained, you may no longer require the gates. But while your Cavapoo is a pup, baby gates are very beneficial.

For those of you on the fence about baby gates, think about the power cords, indoor plants, rugs, sofas, chair legs and furniture your puppy might find appealing. They’ll happily chew on everything!

Puppy Treats and Chew Toys

It’s never too early to start rewarding your puppy for positive behavior so you can prepare by purchasing a supply of puppy treats.

Chew toys are a must to distract your puppy from chewing anything you don’t want him to chew. As your puppy is teething, chewing will be his primary response and anything will do. So save your furniture and shoes by providing him with exciting alternatives.

Grooming Essentials

Owning a Cavapoo dog will mean regular grooming. It is best to start grooming your Cavapoo from an early age to help set them up for life.

Grooming essentials include Nail clippers, Metal Comb, Slicker Brush and Puppy Shampoo.

Clipping nails weekly will help him get used to his paws being touched and nails clipped.

Brushing and combing at a young age will also help ensure your puppy gets used to being groomed.

And of course, you will be excited to give your puppy his first bath in his new home. Be sure to use a specially formulated shampoo for puppies as they have sensitive skin and using human shampoo can irritate them.

Puppy Food

It’s important to find out what your Cavapoo puppy is already eating and buy the same type and brand of food for when you bring your puppy home. Ask the breeder and stock up beforehand so you are prepared.

If you would like to change the food your puppy eats, you can do this slowly so as not to upset your puppy’s tummy. It’s also highly comforting for your new Cavapoo puppy to continue his same diet while he is adjusting to a new home.

Introducing new food too soon can result in an upset stomach, including possible vomiting and diarrhea, to refusal to eat. Best to stick to a familiar diet and change it over time if you prefer.

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Worming Treatment

Find out from your breeder what brand they have used for worming and again it can be a good idea to stick to the same brand for the time being. Also, be sure to find out when the next worming treatment is due and make a note of it in your diary.


Depending on your home situation, you might like to be prepared with puppy training pads or a grass mat. These are more beneficial for dogs living in apartments where they can’t be taken outdoors as regularly as dogs in houses with backyards.

Don’t forget Dog Poop Bags! These ones here are biodegradable and you’ll need them from day one.

On the Day of Collecting Your Cavapoo Puppy

Think about puppy-proofing your home, think about access your Cavapoo pup might have to power cords, rugs, curtains, and so on.

Be sure to ask the breeder about your new puppy’s routine; when do they eat and how much, are they toilet training, and if so, what is their schedule.

If you have a long car ride home, bring along a bowl and water so you can stop along the way and give your puppy a car break. Bring along your harness and leash for this car break. And don’t forget your doggy poo bags.

Naming Your Cavapoo Puppy

Cavapoo Puppy Check-List - Preparing for a New Puppy

Don’t forget to have fun thinking up the perfect name for your new Cavapoo puppy!

This really is a fun time. When you have a few name ideas, be sure to test them out by calling across the room. Can you imagine using the name for the next 12-15 years? Is the name easy for you to say? Are you comfortable calling out the name in a dog park? You don’t need to go and test this out on a phantom puppy in the park but just remember your chosen name will be heard out in public. And importantly, do you love the name?

Of course, you might prefer to wait until you meet your new puppy to make sure the name you’ve chosen will suit him or her. Naming your ruby Cavapoo Storm, Jet or Raven just might not be a good fit! But if you purchase a black Cavapoo, those names might be perfect.

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Final Thoughts

Planning for your new Cavapoo puppy is exciting! And with proper preparation, you’ll help your puppy transition into his new home for a wonderful life with you. Keep up the puppy raising research and you’ll be learning new tips and tricks to teach your clever pup and learn how to be the best doggy parent.