Do Double Doodles Shed Hair? (Answered!)

Red / apricot colored double doodle (golden doodle + labradoodle) dog sitting outside.

If you are considering a new dog and suffer from allergies, you may question whether a Double Doodle breed is a suitable option? Are Double Doodles shedders, and do genetics influence their adult coats? Find all the answers here. Double Doodles are considered hypoallergenic and a low shed breed. Given that Double Doodles are a … Read more

Double Doodle Dogs: Pros and Cons

Graham a tan and white double doodle dog sitting outside on the grass.

Double Doodles rose in popularity in the 90s, and today, families continue to fall in love with this energetic and loving hybrid breed. Familiarising yourself with the Double Doodle pros and cons before owning one is vital in determining whether the breed would suit your lifestyle and family. Here’s a summary of Double Doodle pros … Read more