380+ Cockapoo Puppy Names (Best Name Ideas 2023)

curly coat brown cockapoos lying on the couch

One of the most exciting parts of bringing home a new Cockapoo puppy is choosing the perfect name. If you don’t know where to start or you’re finding the puppy name choices overwhelming, you will love this list of Cockapoo puppy names! I’ve put together a list of over 380 Cockapoo puppy names to help … Read more

Is It Dangerous For Puppy To Swallow Their Baby Teeth?

Black Labrador puppy chewing a teething treat

If you are fortunate enough to have owned a puppy, you will be familiar with the ‘Parana-like’ phase that surfaces at the onset of teething. Teething is a normal and harmless process, even if your pup ends up swallowing roughly 14 teeth during the process. It is natural and common for your puppy to swallow … Read more

Do Male Dogs Recognize or Know Their Puppies?

Male tri color beagle dog with its puppies playing in the garden.

Your female dog just proudly gave birth to a litter of puppies. You keep waiting for the male dog to excitedly enter the fray and begin sniffing and licking at his pups, but it doesn’t happen. You’re wondering why. Do male dogs recognize their puppies? Male dogs do not recognize or know their puppies. The … Read more

What Age Can Labrador Puppies Go Up and Down Stairs?

White and tan labrador dog going down the stairs

Your sweet, adorable Labrador puppy is quite a curious canine. One of the parts of your home that has confounded your dog the most is the staircase. They’re eager to go up every chance they get, but you’ve been reticent, thinking they’re too young. At what age can a Labrador puppy go up and down … Read more

How Much Does a Cavapoo Puppy Cost to Buy?

Cavapoo Puppy - Cavapoo Cavoodle Dog Names

You’ve always wanted a sweet Cavapoo of your very own, and the time is finally right. You’ve found a great breeder, but they didn’t list any puppy prices on their website. How much will you spend to bring a Cavapoo puppy home? The average cost of a Cavapoo puppy is between $1,000 and $3,000 and … Read more

Are Cavapoos Easy to Train? (Plus Training Tips)

Training a Cavapoo puppy.

You’re thinking of adopting a sweet Cavapoo, but you admittedly don’t have the most time to dedicate to training the dog. You’d like it if your dog could learn quickly. Are Cavapoos easy to train? Cavapoos are considered highly trainable and quite intelligent, so learning should come easily. This crossbreed prefers your gentle guidance as … Read more

350 Cavapoo Puppy Names (Best Name Ideas of 2023)

Holding Cavapoo Cavoodle Puppy -Cavapoo Puppy Names

If you’ve just brought a Cavapoo puppy home or are about to, then the first thing you’ll probably want to do is give it a name. The Cavapoo dog breed has become popular in recent times. The breed sometimes referred to as the Cavoodle, is drawn from the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle dog … Read more

Do Cavapoo Puppies Start With Straight Hair?

Cavapoo Puppy - Are All Cavapoo Dogs Born with Straight Hair

If you have ever gone Cavapoo shopping, you will notice that not all Cavapoo pups look alike. Cavapoo (also called Cavoodle) puppies come in various colors and coat types, and their puppy coat, although usually soft and fluffy, is not guaranteed to remain through adulthood. In this article, I set out to answer whether cavapoo … Read more

How to Get Your Puppy to Sleep Past 6 am: Answered!

Puppy Asleep - How to Get Your Puppy To Sleep Past 6am

Do you have a new puppy that just won’t sleep past 6 am? Are you struggling to get more rest because of your little bundle of energy? You’re not alone! In this article, we will provide you with a definitive guide on how to get your puppy to sleep longer in the morning. We will … Read more

What Age To Start Grooming Cavapoo Puppy

When to Start Grooming Cavoodle Cavapoo Puppy

Knowing when and how to groom your Cavapoo puppy is essential for caring for your furry friend. Not all Cavapoos (Cavoodles) are head-over-heels with grooming. So knowing how to prepare your Cavapoo and acquiring the correct tools makes the grooming process effortless and uncomplicated. Let’s find out more. Cavapoo Grooming Age Recommendations It’s best to … Read more