Do Cavapoos Get on With Other Dogs? Are They Friendly?

To call a Cavapoo dog friendly, would be an understatement. This mixed breed is known to extend its cheery, exuberant, and loving nature to all those around them. Including other dogs.

Both the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the miniature or toy Poodle, which results in the Cavapoo (Cavoodle) mix, are rated consistently on the top 10 and 20 lists for friendliest dog breeds.

Nevertheless, a Cavapoos lively playfulness does need to be controlled with obedience training and early socialization. This ensures that their animated behavior does not unintentionally provoke other dogs. Fortunately, Cavapoos are highly intelligent and easily trainable making socialization simple and effortless if started early.

Do Cavapoos Get on With Other Dogs Are They Friendly

Is a Cavapoo Always Friendly to Other Dogs?

To predict a Cavapoos temperament and nature is practically impossible since they are a mixed breed. However, looking at the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the miniature or toy Poodle, you are extremely likely to end up with a highly trainable and easily socialized dog.

Cavapoos get along very well with other dogs and pets if introduced early on and in the correct manner.

For a successful meet and greet, you need to introduce your Cavapoo slowly and gently. And with lots of positive reinforcement, due to their sensitive nature.  

Keep in mind that Cavapoos do require lots of love and attention. And if you are planning on introducing additional dogs you will need to maintain that amount of attention. This will help retain a pleasant environment and a well-balanced dog.

For this reason, it is suggested that a Cavapoo would most likely make a better first or second dog. Rather than being introduced as the third or fourth addition to a household.

That being said, Cavapoo’s love to spend time with other dogs. So an extra playmate in the house is always welcomed.

And because of the Cavapoos athletic nature, they will love another doggy companion. Someone to wrestle, run around parks with, chase, play tag, and tug-of-war with.

Due to the breed’s low prey drive, Cavapoos tend to get on well with most dog breeds. As well as most types of animals.

Cavapoos Can Be Overly Friendly

The only downfall a Cavapoo may present, is in being overly friendly. They are highly alert and playful and can sometimes aggravate other dogs unintentionally. They do this by jumping up on them or barking at them to get them to play.

Cavapoos have also been known to enjoy chasing smaller dogs as part of a fun game. Which although a harmless and friendly act on the Cavapoos part, can upset sensitive smaller dogs.  

Fortunately, since the Cavapoo is also a small dog breed, this usually poses little to no problem.

Cavapoos are luckily usually intelligent enough to know which dogs are smaller or larger than them. And which dogs may be too big for them to romp around with.  Cavapoos will usually choose to submit and remain amicable, by letting the other dog be the alpha dog to avoid confrontation.  

Due to their intelligence, they can also be easily trained to ‘behave’ appropriately to avoid unintentional confrontations.

Introducing your Cavapoo early on to new dogs of all shapes and sizes is key. This will ensure they can have a lifetime of endless fun with their furry friends.

A couple of recommended reads which can guide you in the right direction for training and socializing your Cavapoo are:

Cavapoos – The Owner’s Guide From Puppy to Old Age – by Morgan Andrews.

This book covers several frequently asked Cavapoo questions as well as tips from experienced Cavapoo breeders. Most importantly it also covers socialization and training.

The Cavapoo Handbook: The Essential Guide for New and Prospective Cavapoo Owners – by Linda Whitwam.

One of the most informative reads on the Cavapoo breed. It covers topics such as obedience training, socialization, and getting your Cavapoo comfortable in its new home environment.

The Complete Guide to Cavapoo Dogs by David Anderson.

Full of Cavapoo owner experience this book has a wealth of information but most importantly has already applied strategies to socialize your Cavapoo with other dogs.

What Makes a Cavapoo so Friendly? Are There Pros and Cons to Their Friendliness?

Do Cavapoos Get Along With Other Dogs Are They Friendly

Cavapoos love to be around family and are the happiest when playing endlessly with children or being cuddled. Being in the presence of their family or people in general, is their preference. Preferably 24 hours a day!

They are specifically affectionate towards children, and children love them due to their boundless energy, playful nature, and continuous affection. It’s rare to ever see a Cavapoo display angry or aggressive behavior towards anyone. And they have boundless patience when it comes to children.

Although they have a bubbly nature, Cavapoos can also be calm and amazing lapdogs when they mature. This makes them an excellent companion for the elderly.  

Prevent Cavapoo Separation Anxiety

The one downfall to a Cavapoos attachment to their family is that they can suffer from separation anxiety when apart from their loved ones.

Luckily, this anxiety can be managed by providing your Cavapoo with early training in this area. As well as providing them with sufficient distractions and toys when they do have to be apart from you.

Gentle training needs to be introduced early on to avoid destructive behaviors triggered by boredom and emotional upset.

Hiring a dog sitter or attending doggy daycare would also be the preferred choice when the family is not around. As opposed to a kennel which can trigger both anxiety and depression.

A useful video to understand separation anxiety in dogs can be found at the end of this article. Hopefully this will assist you in preventing this behavior in your Cavapoo.

Products to Help Reduce Cavapoo Seperation Anxiety

I have listed a couple of pet products that have proven to be very useful if your Cavapoo needs to have some alone time.

SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy Heartbeat Stuffed Toy

This adorable stuffed dog toy is wonderful for easing anxiety. It’s a good aid to calm your puppy when you need to leave them alone. It has a pulsing real-life heartbeat which can be set for a period of 8 hours or to continue until necessary.

PetSafe Busy Buddy Barnacle and Squirrel Dude

This toy I can vouch for as I have used it on my dogs successfully more than once. Great for when you need to keep your dog distracted and busy while you are away for short periods of time.

StarMark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Dog Toy

Like the PetSafe Busy Buddy, this toy is also greatly effective in keeping busy dogs entertained. The wobbling, bouncing action of the toy and the treat dispenser keeps dogs’ minds active and rewards them for a good job.

PREMIUM CARE Calming Chews for Dogs

These all-natural calming treats relax and calm dogs displaying anxiety or nervousness. This is a great option for dogs already suffering from separation anxiety or training for the prevention of anxiety. A quick treat before leaving can serve to develop a positive association with your separation.

Cavapoos Make Excellent Therapy Dogs

Cavapoos are frequently chosen to be used as therapy dogs which is an excellent indication of their gentle and loving nature. As well as the very strong bond that they hold with their owners.  

Cavapoos are extremely sensitive to others’ feelings and the emotions of both their owners and the other dogs around them. This trait is inherited from their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel parent, who also make wonderful therapy dogs due to their charming and lovable nature.  

Your Cavapoos will thrive on their connection with you and love to travel with you where possible.  They are always eager to please and flourish with their owner’s continuous praise and admiration.

Cavapoos Do Not Make Good Watchdogs

Because Cavapoos make friends with almost anyone, they do not make the best guard dogs. They will happily accept and lovingly welcome any stranger.

Although this friendliness is wonderful when introducing new family friends or new animals to the household, they may not be your first choice of breed if you are specifically looking for a guard or watchdog.

Purchase Your Cavapoo From a Reputable Breeder

Ultimately, making certain that you purchase your Cavapoo from a reputable and responsible breeder will increase the chance of getting a balanced, friendly, and well-rounded dog.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel brings a gentle and affectionate personality, whereas the Poodle brings the intelligence, agility, and flamboyant nature of the Cavapoo, that we all know and love.

Acquiring a puppy from a reputable breeder will ensure that there is a good balance of both breeds in your Cavapoo. And this will make for a friendly, highly social, and family-friendly dog.

The Cavapoo has been repeatedly labeled, ‘’The dream dog’’, “The perfect dog” and the “Friendliest dog alive’’ for good reason.  And the Cavapoo’ s parents, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and the Poodle has also made it on the ‘’Top 10 friendly and adorable dog breeds’’ list by the American Kennel Club.

Why dogs develop separation anxiety.

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