Are Cavapoos Good Family Dogs? (With Pros and Cons)

Thanks to their teddy-bear like appearance, the Cavapoo dog breed is easy to fall in love with. But do Cavapoos make good family dogs? In this article, we’ll explore the Cavapoos (also called Cavoodle) qualities, including the pros and cons of this breed.

Are Cavapoos Good Family Dogs - a girl and her puppy

Cavapoos are known to make excellent family dogs. Cavapoos are friendly, great with children and make wonderful companions.

So let’s find out more about why Cavapoos make good family dogs along with a few cons to consider before deciding if this breed is the one for you.

Cavapoo Temperament

Why is the Cavapoo one of our favorite dogs? Cavapoos are the perfect mix of two different pure breeds being the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the smaller Poodle.

The AKC describes the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel as being the perfect combination of “gentle attentiveness and athleticism”. They are sweet, gentle, and easily adaptable to different lifestyles.

While the Poodle is described by the AKC as “an elegant athlete and companion.” This breed enjoys being active and mentally stimulated.

So we can see the Cavapoos two parent breeds have positive characteristics many would consider desirable in a dog and family pet.

Pros of Having a Cavapoo as a Family Dog

Are Cavapoos Good Family Dogs - Cavapoo Cavoodle Playing

Cavapoos Love to Cuddle

Being cute and cuddly means nothing if your dog has a poor attitude. No need to worry with the Cavapoo! They are the best of both worlds. Our favorite quality of the Cavapoo is that they love affection from their family and are small enough to be picked up and cuddled. This is a great quality to have when you are fluffy and cute! Those endearing eyes could pull anyone in.

Cavapoos are Versatile to Different Settings

Cavapoos are easily adaptable to different lifestyles and energy requirements. They would be content playing for hours or just being a couch potato.

Have you had a hard time finding the perfect companion to bring into your small home or apartment? Do you desire a family pet to run on your farm with your kids? The Cavapoo only requires 30-60 minutes of exercise or play a day, but could easily enjoy more.

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Inherited from the Poodle, Cavapoos are naturally highly intelligent dogs. They are usually easily trained but benefit from consistent positive reinforcement after initial training.

Get the kids/whole family involved! Our kids love to take the dogs out and play fetch. It’s a great way for everyone to get some much-needed outdoor time and to really include the dogs as part of the family.

And if your family is considering a dog for use in agility, the Cavapoo may be the right choice. Because the Cavapoo is highly intelligent and is eager to please, this breed is known to do well in show and agility courses.

Cavapoos are Sociable

Although they may occasionally chase after smaller animals, the Cavapoo has a low prey drive. Because of this, they usually do well around cats, other small dogs, and children.

Cavapoos are not naturally aggressive in behavior and usually adapt well to other pets in the home.

If you already have dogs in your home, a meet and greet between your current dogs and your new Cavapoo may be recommended. This can usually be easily set up if you’re adopting an older Cavapoo from a shelter or rescue.

Introducing a new dog into the home should be done gradually to ensure the safety of your new Cavapoo and current dogs/cats.

Socializing your Cavapoo with different types of dogs and even cats will make it easier to raise a well rounded, friendly Cavapoo.

Cavapoos are Great With Children

A frequent question for any dog breed is, are they good with children. It is generally known that the Cavapoo is an excellent fit for families with smaller kids. Because of their playful and curious attitude, Cavapoos make a fun playmate for kids.

Cavapoos also love attention, which is a great quality considering they look like mini teddy bears, making children want to cuddle them.

Although this breed is usually known to be good with children, it is important to note that any dog could possibly react poorly to a situation that makes them uncomfortable.

Cavapoos are usually on the smaller side making it easier for them to be injured during play. Speak with your children frequently and remind them to be gentle with your Cavapoo.

If you adopt an older Cavapoo, I would suggest you inquire about its past. Was he/she around children previously, or will they be uncomfortable being around smaller children for the first time?

Proper socialization is the key to making sure any dog is incorporated into the family safely.

Cavapoos are Eager to Please

Are Cavapoos Good Family Dogs - Happy Cavapoo Cavoodle Puppy

Cavapoos are eager to please their owners. They strive to make their owners happy, making them easier to train.

Cavapoos are Good for First Time Pet Owners

Cavapoos can make great first time pets if they are properly cared for.

If you will be able to devote a generous amount of time to your Cavapoo and can manage its exercise requirements, then this can be a very rewarding breed to have.

Having a Cavapoo in your home will bring a lot of affection and laughter to your life. With proper training and attention a Cavapoo can make a great first time pet for anyone!

Because Cavapoos love attention and enjoys being around their owners, if you have a busy lifestyle then this may not be the right breed of dog for you.

Cavapoos Smaller Size Makes Easy To Manage

The average size of a Cavapoo is about 9-25 pounds. Their small to medium size makes it easy to keep them in almost living setting. It also makes it easier to pick them up and easier to cuddle.

Cons of Having a Cavapoo as a Family Pet

Cavapoos can Develop Anxiety

Cavapoos can become very attached to their family and are naturally very social. They also find joy in pleasing their family. These are usually good qualities, but can also pose some issues.

Sometimes this attachment can result in separation anxiety, causing the Cavapoo to become nervous and possibly destructive when left alone.

Cavapoos would rather be included in family events like vacations than be left with a dog sitter or at a kennel.

If you are a family that travels frequently and are unable to take a pet along with you, the Cavapoo may not be the right fit for you.

Also, keep this in mind if your family is away from the home for long hours throughout the day.

If you plan to be away from your Cavapoo for an extended period of time, you should plan accordingly. Make sure they have something to keep them busy like extra toys or even this dog ball treat feeder our dogs’ love!

I also suggest providing your dog with toys that offer mental stimulation. This can help ease separation anxiety as well. Check out some of our favorite dog toys: snuffle mat and interactive dog food feeder.

Cavapoos can be Loud

Although they are not considered to be overly rambunctious, the Cavapoo can tend to bark. This is definitely something to consider before purchasing/adopting one. 

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Cavapoo Grooming Requirements

Cavapoos do not shed regularly but do require regular grooming. For some people, the potential for Cavapoos to be hypoallergenic is great news. But this also spells an increase in grooming requirements.

Cavapoos need to be brushed multiple times a week along with a trip to the groomers every 6-8 weeks for a full trim and even ear plucking/cleaning.

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What do Owners Say About Owning a Cavapoo?

Cavapoo owner Renee, says, “Once you have a Cavapoo, you’ll never be without a friend (or shadow!) Most affectionate breed I’ve ever owned and I know I’ll have Cavapoos for life now.”

Sarah, fur mom to Cavapoo Willow, says here daughter was scared of dogs until they purchased their Cavapoo. “Miss 8 is terrified of dogs, big and small. Often causing panic for her when she is near a dog. We did our research and decided a Cavapoo was a good family breed to bring into our family. We’ve had Willow now for 5 weeks and miss 8 now asks if she can sleep on her bed. Willow has a good placid nature and has settled into our family amazingly.”

Karen says, “Cavapoos are beautiful dogs. They have been bred to be a companion breed and don’t do well if not included in all aspect of family life. I.e. they can’t be left for long period in a backyard. They love being inside with their people.”

Roslyn, owner of two cavapoo sisters says, “My two six year old sisters love everyone and, love being with you. Healthy and intelligent, don’t shed. Only barks briefly at a stranger going past (not the regulars). Playful and a joy to own.”


If you were counting along here, you’ll see there are more than twice as many pros than cons to owning a Cavapoo. Ultimately, if you can devote the time to training and spending time with your Cavapoo, they will make a wonderful companion and an excellent family dog.

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