How Many Walks a Day Does a Cavapoo (Cavoodle) Need?

There is more to owning a Cavopoo, also known as a Cavoodle, than it just being your best friend and being adorable. Typically, a Cavapoo needs to be walked at least 30 to 60 minutes each day or engage in other exercise activities such as playing fetch or hiking. Although food and water rank high on the list of your dog’s needs, exercise is every bit as important to their physical and emotional health.

How Many Walks a Day Does a Cavoodle Cavapoo Need

A Cavapoo is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle which means that they have inherited traits from each. A Poodle is an extremely active breed and enjoys participating in a wide range of activities. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, highly favored by British royalty, is an active breed that enjoys most family activities.

The amount of exercise should be adjusted to what is best for your dog. And it can change during different stages of your Cavapoos life. However, exercise does need to be adequately addressed daily.

So let’s look at how many walks a cavapoo needs during each stage of life.

Walking Your Cavapoo Puppy

How Many Walks A Day Does a Cavapoo Puppy Need

If your Cavapoo is brand new and has not had their final set of shots and vaccinations, then it is necessary to wait before venturing out for walks in the neighborhood. If you want to get them accustomed to being led on a leash, I recommend walking them in your backyard at first.

Once you have the okay from your vet to branch out into the big world, a general rule of thumb is that most Cavapoo puppies require 5 minutes of exercise for every month of their age, twice a day. That means that if your puppy is 3 months old, then you should take them out for two walks a day with a duration of 15 minutes each time. Remember you are not taking them out to run a race, but a nice moderate pace is perfect.

Here is a rough idea of how much exercise your Cavapoo needs depending on their age:

  • 2 Months Old = 10 Minutes (Twice daily)
  • 4 Months Old = 20 Minutes (Twice daily)
  • 6 Months Old = 30 Minutes (Twice daily)

Do not get discouraged if your cavapoo puppy appears clueless when you first begin your outings. They may actually resist at first being taken out for regular walks. But they will get the hang of it and will love it more each day.

It is also better to keep these walks consistent and spaced out evenly throughout the week. Do not save up the exercise until the weekend and cram in a week’s worth of walking in two days. This can be challenging for me at times because of a lack of motivation. But this is part of the joy of being a dog owner. There are several activities that are appropriate for your young cavapoo puppy.

  • Satisfy that cavapoo puppy curiosity with letting them investigate the fenced backyard.
  • A stroll around the block meets both the need of exercise, but also providing socialization for your dog.
  • Playing fetch with their favorite ball. This game can go on and on and provide much needed exercise for your cavapoo puppy.

Your little Cavapoo’s joints are still young and growing so do not overdo it. Too much exercise on underdeveloped joints can cause premature arthritis in dogs. You are just wanting to ensure that your puppy gets adequate stimulations.

There are additional ways to provide exercise for your Cavapoo puppy and here are three toys to keep them moving.

  1. 12 Pack Puppy Toys – Comes with twelve interactive, durable dog toys that will keep your cavapoo pup entertained for hours. These brightly colored toys come with a money back guarantee and are perfect for small mouths.
  2. Sport Ball Launcher – There is nothing like a game of fetch. Aand when you can throw that ball further, those little puppy legs are not only going to get some great exercise, but they are also going to tire out and sleep well.
  3. Puppy Rope Toys – For around $9.00 you get a 5 pack of these rope toys that can not only serve as a chew toy but also a tug of war dog toy.

Walking Your Adult Cavapoo

How Many Walks A Day Does a Cavapoo Dog Need

Cavapoos are usually their full-grown size by one year of age and although they do not require more energy for exercise, their sessions can be more strenuous.

As mentioned previously a Cavapoo gets around 5 minutes of exercise for each month of their age which means that an adult dog should get up to 60 minutes of exercise twice a day. This can take the form of walks or a combination of walks and play.

Failure to meet this daily need can have some adverse effects such as excessive barking and destructive behavior. Despite your best efforts of giving them ample space in your fenced backyard, this may not be enough.

At adulthood there is not much that your Cavapoo cannot engage in with regards to exercise. Since this breed is highly sociable, any activity that is done with the family will be enjoyed. There are many activities that you could engage your Cavapoo.

  • I like to do a jog every now and again, so this provides an ideal opportunity to take my dog along for a good exercise outing. Just remember to put your dog on a leash, they are still dogs, and their curiosity can get the better of them.
  • Take your Cavapoo to the dog park. This is fantastic exercise and a way for your dog to be around other dogs.
  • Playing ball with your dog does not have to be an outdoor event. You can roll balls around indoors and this can provide hours of fun.
  • Sometimes I do not have the time each week to devote to providing exercise for my dog. It’s hard enough getting myself to participate so I like to use a doggy daycare. It prevents boredom and allow interaction with other dogs and plenty of exercise. A full day of care can range from around $12.00 up to $40.00. Many facilities allow half day care also.

Keep in mind that no matter how healthy and physically active your Cavapoo is, there are limitations to how much they should do.

Caution needs to be used during the hot summer months. Ensure that your dog has plenty of fresh water to stay hydrated. And be aware that hot pavement can be dangerous for your dog’s paws.

The nature of your Cavapoo is to keep playing. So it is up to you to monitor the temperature and limit the outdoor play accordingly.

Here are two of my favorite toys to keep your dog moving and that will not break the bank:

  1. Outdoor Tug and Chew Toy – This is great for several reasons. It satisfies the need for your Cavapoo to chew on things and gives them a release for that extra energy. My personal favorite feature is that it mounts outdoors.
  2. Exercise Indestructible Balls – Able to withstand the hardest teeth chomps, these balls can stand the test of time. These balls are great for playing fetch and reducing boredom of your Cavapoo. These are available in single packs or a package of two or three.

Walking Your Senior Cavapoo

How Many Walks A Day Does a Cavapoo Cavoodle Need

Dogs grow older but their desire to walk and have fun does not. The same way that I don’t move quite as fast as I did in my younger years, your Cavapoo might not be able to run around and play like once before.

So pay attention to the aches and pains that they might be exhibiting and adjust your walks and exercise activities according to your Cavapoos interest and abilities.

As mentioned earlier, paying attention to outdoor temperatures is important and this is especially true among the senior Cavapoo community. Elderly Cavapoos are more sensitive to extreme changes in the temperature, whether hot or cold.

As a small to medium-sized breed, Cavapoos are considered as living their “golden years” around 10 or 11 years of age.

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