Do Cavapoos Like Long Walks? Answered!

Cavapoos are always up for a walk or hike, but what distances do they enjoy walking? Before taking your furry friend out for a walk, are there any points to consider, and what alternate exercise options are available? Find all you need to know about Cavapoo dog walking and how to ensure walking remains a pleasant experience.

Walking With Cavapoo Cavoodle - Do Cavapoos Like Long Walks

A Cavapoo’s temperament, age, health, and stamina influence their enjoyment and ability to walk long distances. Their Poodle genes give them the agility and energy levels to enjoy walking, but their smaller size can make them tire easily. Gradual long-distance training can enable Cavapoos to walk further, but typically a variation of both physical and mental activity is advantageous.

Do All Cavapoos Enjoy Walking Long Distances?

As with people, Cavapoo’s (also known as Cavoodle) personalities are all different, and while some will love walking for long distances, others may dislike it. However, their genes predispose them to steer more on the active side.

Genes Do Play A Role

The Cavapoo’s Poodle parent were initially used to retrieve waterfowl for hunters. They are an extremely active breed, and to this day, Poodles participate in agility trails, tracking championships, fieldwork, and other sports. This may explain why Cavapoos have been described as lively and energetic.

The Cavalier, on the other hand, needs mental stimulation in addition to exercise, making it likely that your Cavapoo may enjoy a combination of both physical and mental activity as opposed to only physical, to remain both well-rounded and healthy.

That being said, Cavapoos are a hybrid dog breed, and their energy and exercise or mental stimulation requirements will vary depending on their parents and individually inherited genes.

Shorter Legs

Cavapoo owners sometimes forget that although our furry friends seem to have boundless energy, they have short legs, which use more energy when walking.

This increases the likelihood of your Cavapoo getting burnt out if not carefully monitored or trained.

Long-distance walking will be more of a challenge for a smaller dog such as a Cavapoo than a larger dog breed. Without the proper gradual walk training, your Cavapoo will not enjoy the walks and can suffer associated health problems.

Age Considerations

A Cavapoo’s age will significantly affect its ability to walk long distances. Although your Cavapoo needs exercise to stay healthy, the quantity of activity differs for an adult, puppy, or elderly dog.

Cavapoo Puppies and Long-Distance Walking

Cavapoo Puppy on a Walk - Do Cavapoos Like Long Walks
Cavapoo Puppy on a Walk

It’s tempting to take your puppy everywhere you go, but walking needs to be gradually introduced to avoid hurting their fragile developing joints, bones, and mobility.

Walking should only start after eight weeks of age, and high-impact exercises such as running or jumping should be avoided before nine months.

A Cavapoo puppy’s walk sessions should be short to start with. Five-minute walks are enough and can be increased to 20 to 30-minute walks once a day after six months. Typically, walk your Cavapoo 5mins for every month of age up to two times daily. Your Cavapoo’s walk time will increase with age and as they develop stamina, but long-distance walks are a big no-no.

Your puppy will prefer burning off their energy exploring in the backyard, playing fetch, or tug of war.

Adult Cavapoos and Long-Distance Walking

A fit, strong adult Cavapoo that has gradually been walk-trained can walk very long distances. Some adults are capable of 10-mile (16-kilometer) walks provided they are closely monitored and given sufficient breaks and hydration.

Although certain Cavapoos can manage long-distance walks, it does not mean all will enjoy them. Ordinarily, a healthy adult Cavapoo can handle a 30min to 1-hour walk, usually split up into a couple of walk sessions. This exercise time can also include playtime or sports.

However, a 20 to 30-minute walk is usually sufficient to meet your adult Cavapoo’s exercise needs. One should continually assess their Cavapoos individual age and fitness levels when deciding on a walk duration.

Should Elderly Cavapoos Walk Long-Distance?

Cavapoo Resting - Do Cavapoos Like Long Walks
Cavapoo Resting

An elderly Cavapoo trained and used to long-distance walking can continue to do so at a slower pace and with additional breaks. This is, of course, provided they are still healthy and have the strength and stamina to do so.

As your Cavapoo ages, you may want to reduce walking time, go on lower intensity walks or stop walking altogether. Some elderly dogs will instead benefit from playing fetch or performing low-impact sports such as swimming. This will not only strengthen your Cavapoo’s muscles, but it is excellent aerobic exercise for the heart and body.

If you Cavapoo has arthritis or joint pain, walking will worsen their condition. Cavapoos are also prone to developing heart conditions in old age, so reducing their exercise regime as they age is sometimes recommended. Overwalking your short Cavapoos legs may lead to joint or health issues.

If your elderly Cavapoo has the stamina to walk longer distances, provide them with numerous breaks. A backpack or sling is also a handy option to take along with you on long walks in the event that your Cavapoo needs a break.

Here are some options to consider:

Alternate Exercise Options

Although walking is beneficial to a Cavapoo’s health and wellbeing, it is not the only form of exercise available.

Fetch Games

Fetch games are excellent for letting your Cavapoo let off steam and are a perfect boredom buster and physical exercise option. Since their Poodle parent was originally a reliable retriever, the Cavapoo will usually enjoy a game of fetching more than some other breeds.

Here are some fetch options you may want to give a go.

ChuckIt! Indoor Ball Dog Fetch Toy. A durable plush toy that is lightweight and long-lasting with an enticing bounce.

ChuckIt! Sport Ball Launcher, Small. A great way to make fetch challenging, fast, and fun is a great way to burn off that Cavapoo energy.

Tug of War

Another firm favorite for Cavapoos and an effective workout is tug-of-war. An excellent opportunity for you to bond with your pup. Be careful to purchase cloth or rope options rather than harder rubbers to avoid damaging your dog’s teeth or gums.

Here is a fantastic tug toy option that can entertain your furry friend when you are out and about.

LOOBANI Outdoor Bungee Tug Toy. This bungee tug of war toy is excellent for encouraging some outdoor exercise.  Height adjustable and durable, this bungee cord allows for some fun solo play.


Cavapoo Dog in the Pool -Do Cavapoos Like Long Walks
Cavapoo in the Pool

A wonderful low-impact sport that most Cavapoos will be fond of.

As their Poodle parents were bred to swim and retrieve from the water, some Cavapoos are incredibly fond of water games and swimming. An excellent option for every age Cavapoo and especially for the elderly suffering from joint issues.

Parks and Free Play

Cavapoos are highly sociable dogs if socialized correctly and will love a romp in the park with other dogs. This is an excellent form of exercise and does not require a lot of owner effort.

Does Mental Stimulation Count?

Your Cavapoo needs stimulation along with physical exercise to remain content. The Cavapoo’s Cavalier parent is highly intelligent and active, making it more likely that your Cavapoo will benefit from some mental stimulation.

Setting some time aside to teach your Cavapoo new tricks or training commands will reduce boredom and provide your Cavapoo with the mental enrichment they need.

Some excellent mentally stimulating puzzle toys or nose games are available to ensure a well-rounded furry friend if used in conjunction with physical exercise.

Here are some of my recommendations:

AWOOF Pet Snuffle Mat for Dogs. A great find-and-seek treat mat. Dogs stay mentally occupied, trying to sniff out and find treats and snacks on this portable, non-slip mat.

TRIXIE Dog Activity Flip Board. Your Cavapoo will really need to work that brainpower to seek their tasty treat rewards. Easy to clean and durable, this flip board will most definitely challenge your Cavapoo’s mind.  

Identify When Walking is Too Much For Your Cavapoo

While some Cavapoos can walk for miles, your should remain conscious of the fact that Cavapoos may not realize their own fatigue and may keep going out of excitement.

Get to know your Cavapoo and their behavior, so you can readily identify when the walking distance may be too much for them. Take care to reduce walk time or increase water intake and breaks if the weather is hotter or colder than usual.

If you notice a change in your Cavapoo’s behavior when walking, it’s best not to ignore it. Frequent stopping, lying down, limping, lethargy, and excessive panting are all signs that your furry friend may be exhausted and need a break, a slower pace, or reduced exercise. 

Signs You Are Not Walking Your Cavapoo Enough

Cavapoos are high-energy dog breeds that need a moderate amount of exercise. Although exercise requirements differ from dog to dog, you may need to lengthen your walking distance or exercise regime if you notice the following behaviors or signs.

Your Cavapoo may gain weight if not exercised enough. They may also act out with destructive behavior such as chewing your possessions, whining or barking incessantly, or doing their dirty business in the house instead of outdoors.

Cavapoos need exercise, and by increasing their activity and energy output, you may find that excessive barking, hyperactivity, and disobedience disappear. Nevertheless, always visit your local vet if you are unsure whether the behavior is exercise-related or find that increasing their walks has made little or no difference.

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