Cavapoo Energy Levels – Are They High Energy?

Your Cavapoo dog is zooming through the house and bouncing with excitement. It’s not uncommon for new Cavapoo (Cavoodle) owners to question whether their Cavapoos will ever mellow down. Are Cavapoos always energetic, or does this hyperactivity settle down? Find the answers as well as several energy-burning tips here.

Cavapoo Dog Playing With a Ball
Cavapoo Playing with a Ball

Cavapoos are moderate to low energy breeds. They have huge personalities that adore attention, exercise, and regular lap napping and cuddling. Cavapoo pups are high energy, but this lessens with maturity and sufficient physical and mental stimulation.

Do Cavapoos Inherit Their Energy Levels?

As with people, certain personality traits may be passed down to your Cavapoo from their Cavalier and Poodle parents. Despite this, Cavapoos have unique personalities, which can be challenging to accurately predict from their genes alone. 

Nevertheless, it is beneficial to question the breeder on the pup’s parent’s genes and nature. Better still, spending time with the Cavapoo parents will allow you to gauge what type of energy levels you might expect.

Several breeders and Cavapoo owners have also commented that F1 Cavapoo’s (first generation) energy and excitement levels may be higher than that of a Cavapoo that has two Cavapoo parents.

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A Closer Look at Your Cavapoo’s Parents

Energy levels will differ depending on whether your Cavapoo has inherited more of its characteristics from its Poodle of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s parent.

The Poodle

White Poodle standing in the garden.

Poodles are high-energy breeds that demand daily exercise and mental stimulation to remain happy. This is consistently true for all-sized Poodles. Due to the Poodle’s hunting origins, they enjoy water and training games and ample amounts of exercise.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel standing in the garden.

The Cavalier, however, has more of a moderate to low energy level and playfulness.

They are sporty dogs that enjoy playing games and walking, but the amount of activity needed is substantially lower than that of a Poodle. Cavaliers are not known as a hyperactive breed and are usually calm dogs that enjoy a lap to nap on.

Cavapoo Puppy Energy Levels

Cavapoo Puppy on a Lead
Cavapoo Puppy on a Lead

Cavapoo puppies are energetic balls of excitement that have seriously high energy levels. You will notice them presenting with spurts of energy and activity, and then twenty or so minutes later, they will be curled up having a doze.

Cavapoos puppies love any attention and will usually never refuse an invite to play. They are excellent with children as they have equal or more amounts of energy.

Hyperactivity is entirely natural for any puppy, and after year one or two, you will notice that your Cavapoo will begin to calm down and grow to be more relaxed. Several Cavapoo owners have also seen a connection between their Cavapoos hyperactivity and whether or not they have been neutered.

Even though your Cavapoo puppy has boundless energy, it is not good to over-exercise them as this could damage their delicate joints. Indoor games and mentally stimulating toys or training will tire your furry friend out more than heaps of physical activity.

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Ideas To Help Tire Your Puppy Out:

My dog loved the JW Hol-ee Roller Dog Fetch Treat Dispenser Puzzle Ball as a puppy and still loves it equally as much now. The ball design allows easy gripping and carrying during games of fetch — an excellent way to entertain your Cavapoo. 

Another fail-safe, popular toy option is the KONG – Classic Dog Toy which bounces every time your dog drops it making it a great physical activity option.

Suppose you want to provide your pup with some mental stimulation. In that case, the Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound Treat Tumble Blue Interactive Treat-Dispensing Puzzle Dog Toy comes in various levels of difficulty and toy options. A great way to mentally challenge your Cavapoo.

One last option that I adore is the Ball Nontoxic Durable Dog IQ Puzzle Chew Toys. These balls can be stuffed with treats, and a bonus is that it helps with teething. 

High Energy Cavapoo Running
High Energy Cavapoo Running

Adult Cavapoo Energy Levels

Adult Cavapoos are generally a lot more laid back than when they were puppies. They love a play and a walk but enjoy cuddles and lap naps just as much. If you notice your Cavapoo’s growth spurts nearing the end, they have most likely reached adulthood. Adulthood and maturity will result in a drop in energy levels.

Although Cavapoo personalities differ along with their energy levels, Cavapoos are not known as hyperactive dog breeds, much like the Beagle, Miniature Pinscher, and Jack Russel.

Nevertheless, healthy adult Cavapoos thrive on attention and require 45 to 60 minutes of exercise a day, broken up into shorter walks, outdoor play, and training. Exercise is essential to avoiding boredom and health issues.

If you find your Cavapoo constantly wants to play and is very active in the evenings, it may indicate that they are not receiving enough mental or physical stimulation during the day. By adding some stimulating toys or additional walks or playtime, this behavior should quickly disappear.

A Cavapoo that zooms around the house when you come home is not to be confused with a hyperactive dog. Cavapoos are known to get very excited when their owners return, and usually, this is displayed in short bursts of energy and enthusiasm. 

If this is not something you enjoy, train your Cavapoo by remaining calm and not overreacting when greeting them when returning home. Ignoring your dog for a minute or two before giving them attention is also helpful.

Your Elderly Cavapoo Energy Levels

Cavapoo Lying on the Lounge
Cavapoo Lying on the Lounge

As with people, Cavapoos typically will have a decrease in energy levels as they age. They will still get excited when people visit and on your return home as well as continue to enjoy a game of fetch, but their need for walking and other physical activities may decrease.

The health of your Cavapoo will also be a determining factor as to how playful and active they are. A healthy Cavapoo can enjoy a walk, swim, and play as much as an adult or puppy Cavapoo, but they may require additional breaks or shorter activity sessions.

Be warned; although a Cavapoos energy levels may have decreased, their big personalities and ability to play will most definitely not disappear.

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