Labradoodle Coat Types And How To Care For Them

The friendly Labradoodle is a beautiful dog suited for any family, including first-time dog owners. One reason is because of how easy it is to look after. But what are the different Labradoodle coat types and are they easy to maintain? Let’s find out.

white labradoodle lying down outdoors
Labradoodle lying down outdoors

The Labradoodle, a combination of the Labrador Retriever and the Poodle, can inherit three main types of coats, which are relatively hypoallergenic depending on their generation. The coat types are:

  • Curly
  • Fleece
  • Straight Hair

To determine which Labradoodle coat best suits your family, let’s take an in-depth look at the different coat types. 

Different Labradoodle Coat Types 

This fun and helpful breed comes in many different colors, but as far as their coat types go, you will find three different types: curly or wool coat, fleece coat, or straight hair.

Curly Coat Labradoodle (also known as a Wool Coat)

Labradoodle Sitting on a Seat
Labradoodle Sitting on a Bench

Labradoodles with curly coats are the most similar to the Poodle coat. This makes the curly coat the most hypoallergenic out of the coat types. Curly coats are also known as wool coats.

Some wool-coated Labradoodles will have a tighter curl like their Poodle parent, while others have a looser curl. This all depends on your Labradoodle’s genetics and their generation. Usually, an F1b and F1bb will have the tightest curls.

Labradoodle Curly Coat Care

Curly Coat Labradoodle
Curly Coat Labradoodle

A curly-coated Labradoodle’s maintenance is the most demanding out of the three different coat types. They need a daily brush (or every alternate day) to ensure their coat stays clean and free from dirt and skin cells getting trapped in the curls easily.

A monthly wash is also a good idea to keep the coat clean and healthy. Though some can wait another few weeks making it around every 6 weeks.

When grooming your curly-coated Labradoodle, you’re going to need a good shampoo to treat those curls with care. This shampoo is a tried and trusted shampoo I’ve used on my dogs with a curlier coat.

Since curly coats require a lot of attention, it’s crucial to have a good brush or comb to get through all the tight curls at the base of the coat. This will stop mats from forming. This dog brush is a great option.

Fleece Coat Labradoodle

Labradoodle Sitting Outdoors
Labradoodle Sitting Outdoors

The fleece coat is the most common coat you’ll find on a Labradoodle. This shaggy-looking coat is low-shedding and has been deemed the typical Labradoodle look.

So if you think of Labradoodle, this coat will probably be the one that first comes to mind. The texture is relatively light and wavy, giving them that shaggy look. This coat is also known simply as a wavy coat. 

Labradoodle Fleece Coat Care

This coat is still relatively high maintenance like the curly coat, and also requires daily brushing to keep it looking and feeling soft and healthy.

This dog brush will help get through any coat type, but is especially good with a thicker coat, so it helps get rid of and prevent knotting and matting in your fleece-coated Labradoodle. 

Bathing once a month to every 6 weeks will also help keep their fleece coat in good condition. Though this really does depend on how dirty your dog gets. My dog has been known to rub herself on some whiffy things she’s discovered in the yard warranting an immediate bath!

Straight Hair Labradoodle

black straight coat labradoodle sitting on a bed
Hair coat Labradoodle

Labradoodles with a straight hair-type coat can have a straight, wavy, or wiry texture. They most resemble Labradors, although they look a lot more shaggy.

The hair varies in length and thickness and is relatively easy to maintain.

A Labradoodle with a straight coat type is great for people looking for a dog that looks like a Labrador and doesn’t mind shedding.

Labradoodle Straight Hair Care

Due to the straight-hair coat being more similar to the Labrador, you can still expect shedding.

Straight-hair Labradoodles require less maintenance than the other coat types.

They benefit from weekly brushing and bathing as required. This will remove any dead skin or loose hair and keep them looking, well, still shaggy, but they’ll be clean. 

Not only does brushing your dog regularly make their coat look and feel good, but if your dog is anything like mine, this will also be a great bonding session for you.  

Labradoodle Coat Length

It’s best to ensure your Labradoodle’s coat doesn’t grow longer than four to six inches (10-15cm) to prevent matting or any skin infections from occurring.

As a Labradoodle owner, consider shaving your dog to make grooming easier, especially for dogs with a curly coat. Living in a warmer area, shorter coats will also keep your Labradoodle nice and cool.

If you want to keep your Labradoodle’s coat looking in good condition, then take them to a trained groomer once every six to eight weeks. 

What is the Best Labradoodle Coat Type For You?

black and white labradoodles in different sizes
Black and white Labradoodles indoors

If you’re looking for the perfect fit for your family when it comes to getting a Labradoodle dog, their coat type is something you should consider.

Whether you need them to be hypoallergenic or if you don’t have enough time to brush them every day, their coat is an important factor.

So which coats are best for your needs?

Straight Hair Coat

If you’re looking for a Labradoodle that looks most like a Labrador Retriever and you don’t have allergies or mind if they shed lightly, this coat type is perfect for you.

Straight hair coats are also the easiest to maintain out of the three coat types, so it’s great for those who are time-poor or don’t wish to spend money on grooming their dog but are still willing to wash and brush them regularly as needed.

Fleece Coat 

Labradoodle Standing in the Park
Labradoodle Standing in the Park

If you want that typical Labradoodle look and don’t have bad pet allergies, then the fleece coat will be your best option.

The hair falls out more than in a curly wool coat, so they’re not as hypoallergenic but are usually allergy friendly.

A Labradoodle with a fleece coat is great for those who need a dog that doesn’t shed much. 

Curly Coat

If you want a beautiful combination of Labrador and Poodle but have pet allergies then the curly-coat Labradoodle is an excellent option.

Curly coats are considered to be non-shedding. Therefore, they are also the most hypoallergenic out of the Labradoodles.

However, if this is the route you choose to go, be prepared for high-maintenance grooming, including regular professional grooming sessions.

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