Labradoodle Temperament Guide: Labrador Poodle Mix

If you’re looking for a dog that combines all the intuition and care of a Labrador Retriever and the playfulness and hypoallergenic qualities of a Poodle, look no further than the outgoing Labradoodle.

Labradoodle sitting on a bench

The Labradoodle is an intelligent, friendly, outgoing, and affectionate breed that adapts well to people of all ages and different living spaces. They are an incredibly easy breed for owners of all levels of experience. 

These dogs were initially bred in Australia to make a hypoallergenic guide and service dogs. Although their traits are never as completely set as their parent’s breeds, it’s always best to see the parents first to have a healthy expectation of their personality. Here are some of the typical character traits you can expect to see in a Labradoodle: 


Labradoodle Puppy

Labradoodles will play with almost anyone and anything. So don’t be surprised when their need to play also extends to cats. At the park, Labradoodles are the life of the party and aren’t afraid to play with strangers. But being highly intuitive dogs, Labradoodles also know when it’s a good time to play and when it’s time to relax.

Eager To Please

Because of their innate need to please their owners, Labradoodles are highly trainable and perfect for first-time owners. Not only are they the ideal family pet, but many puppies do also go on to fulfill their intended duty as service dogs to those with special needs.


All Labradoodles want to do is go, go, and GO! There’s always something new to discover and do. They live on the more energetic side of life. So as with all dogs, you’ll need to ensure your Labradoodle is getting regular and sufficient exercise.

Most Labradoodle owners have noted how their energy levels also seem to reflect that of their owners. So if you’re more docile, they might be less energetic than the average Labradoodle. Likewise, if you love to be outdoors or exercise, you can expect them to be right there with you for all your adventures. 

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Labradoodles are naturally curious furballs and love to investigate everything. If there’s someone new in the house, they’re there to check them out. Package at the door? Your Labradoodle is on the case. Is that food good enough to eat? You get it.

Because this trait can lead to some destructive behavior, be sure there’s always something to keep your Labradoodle mentally stimulated to avoid shoes and other objects getting chewed up or your yard being dug up.


brown labradoodle lying on a bed
Labradoodle lying on a bed

You’ve seen videos with dogs being so gentle that if you give them an egg, they’ll intuitively look after it so well it won’t crack in their mouth. Well, one-half of the Labradoodles’ genetic mix is of the Labrador who is one such breed. Labradors are known to be gentle with anyone, especially small animals and babies they can sense are more vulnerable.

Not to say you shouldn’t still watch them around young children, but they are one of the most well-natured dogs. So the Labrador and Poodle are instinctively gentle; thus, they’re used as guide dogs, and so their Labradoodle offspring also follow suit. 


If you’re taking your Labradoodle to the park, they’re happy to greet anyone who comes across their path. In fact, when strangers come to your house, they’re more likely to welcome them in than scare them away. 

However, because of how much they love to be around people and other animals, it’s important to note that this means that they’re also prone to separation anxiety. So it’s good to ensure they have a friend to keep them company if you’re planning on being away for long periods of the day. If they are left alone for too long, they’re not afraid to be vocal about their loneliness.


black f2b labradoodle outdoors
F2b Labradoodle outdoors

With both Labradoodle’s parent breeds being highly intelligent, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. There’s a reason they were initially bred to be guide dogs. Labradoodles are highly intuitive and are easy to train because of it.

And due to the Labradoodles’ friendly and outgoing disposition, they’re also not as stubborn as other intelligent breeds.

However, this breed can be pretty mischievous if left to be untrained. A Labradoodle can usually figure most things out by themselves and have the drive to do something if they think they can. This includes finding a way out of the yard. 

Because of this trait, I like to provide my dogs with an excess of toys and activities to keep them preoccupied. Things like dog puzzles and chew toys keep my dogs entertained for hours.  

Their high intelligence levels reach emotional intelligence too, and Labradoodles can pick up if you’re feeling anxious, sad, or angry. So when you’re feeling like this, you can expect them to be close by your side or at the bottom of your bed until you feel better.

Are Labradoodles Good With Children?

Yes, Labradoodles love and adore children of all ages. They’re aware of their needs and intuitive when small children feel uneasy. They really do their best to make them feel comfortable.

A well-trained Labradoodle will easily be your child’s best friend growing up.

Labradoodles have been described as having the same character traits as a small child – so it’s clear they’re going to get along.

The only thing you’d need to be careful around with little kids and Labradoodles is their size and playfulness. Although they’re incredibly gentle, sometimes their exuberance gets away from them. They could knock over toddlers by accident, no matter how much they try not to.

Is A Labradoodle Good For New Dog Owners? 

black and white labradoodles in different sizes
Black and white Labradoodles indoors

Absolutely! Labradoodles are great for new dog owners! Their trait of being people pleasers means they’re highly trainable and a first dog owner’s dream come true. 

Are Labradoodles Protective?

Labradoodles are not known to be overly protective. They’re way too outgoing and friendly for that. But that doesn’t mean that they’ll take any threat to their owner lying down.

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Are Labradoodles Aggressive?

Labradoodles could be one of the furthest things from an aggressive dog. Instead, they’re super friendly and outgoing, so they greet most strangers with an enthusiastic tail wag.

Although every breed has its exceptions, so there might be one or two Labradoodles with a short fuse, this is not the norm. And every dog has their limits, so if you don’t show aggression to them, they’ll be more than happy to play.

Are Labradoodles Good With Cats?

Labradoodles love their families to infinity and beyond. So yes, this includes the family cat. Of course, this trait can vary for each dog; their generation and parents’ personalities will heavily influence it.

So if you’d like to be 99% sure your Labradoodle is going to be the right fit for a house with a cat, then ask to meet the parents and inquire about their behavior towards cats.

Early training and socialization with cats and other animals also go a long way to ensure they’re friendly to all smaller animals.

Why Labradoodles Need Early Socialization

Labradoodle Sitting Outdoors

Having a super friendly and outgoing breed of dog like the Labradoodle, you might think you have no need for early socialization. But ensuring your dog is well socialized is not just for those dogs that are more protective or timid. Dogs who are overly friendly, like the Labradoodle, benefit from early socialization to help them with boundaries when they’re older.

You’ll be thankful for this when your Labradoodle isn’t walking off with random people or greeting your guests too enthusiastically. Instead, socialization is a great way to ensure they know their boundaries with people, other dogs, and animals.

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