9 Dog-Friendly Camping Spots Near Salt Lake City and Provo

Couple camping with their dog

Your dog adores spending time in nature as much as you do. You two are overdue for a camping trip, and this time, you want to take them to the Salt Lake City/Provo area. What are the top dog-friendly camping spots there? Here are the 9 best dog-friendly camping spots near Salt Lake City and … Read more

Is It OK for a Dog to Wear a Harness All Day and Night?

dog outdoors wearing harness

You spent a lot of time researching the perfect harness for your dog, and you chose one based on how comfortable it is. Your dog seems to love wearing its harness, enough that you’ve considered keeping the harness on even when not on walks. Is it okay for a dog to wear a harness all … Read more

Do Male Dogs Recognize or Know Their Puppies?

Male tri color beagle dog with its puppies playing in the garden.

Your female dog just proudly gave birth to a litter of puppies. You keep waiting for the male dog to excitedly enter the fray and begin sniffing and licking at his pups, but it doesn’t happen. You’re wondering why. Do male dogs recognize their puppies? Male dogs do not recognize or know their puppies. The … Read more

Will Male Dogs Mate With Their Offspring? (Is It Safe?)

Two Pomeranian dogs mating.

When your female dog had puppies, you decided not to break up the family. You continued to care for her and the father dog as well as the puppies. Now that the puppies are mature adults, you’re considering breeding them. Will a male dog mate with its offspring? Male dogs don’t recognize their puppies as … Read more

Is Rice OK for Dogs to Eat? | Pros and Cons of Rice

Dog eating white rice in a green bowl while the other dog is looking and waiting.

There are countless contradictory opinions and perspectives on whether dogs should or should not eat rice. After exploring the pros and cons and advice given on the types, amounts, and ways to prepare rice, I hope you will be better able to make an informed decision. Though unessential to their diet, dogs can eat rice … Read more

What Size Dog Bowl For A Cavapoo

Brown Cavapoo puppy eating in a bowl

The infinite variety of dog bowls available online and in-store will perplex any dog owner. Are specific dog bowls better for outdoor or indoor use, and should your Cavapoos size or age influence your purchasing decision? Find all the answers here. Your Cavapoo’s height, age, and health will affect your dog bowl choices. It is sensible … Read more

Confessions Of A Helicopter Dog Mom

Dog Birthday Party

At the weekend I was gently accused of being a helicopter dog mom. And it got me thinking, what exactly are the traits of a helicopter pet parent, and do I really exhibit them? So I did some research and this is what I’ve found out. What is a Helicopter Dog Mom, Anyway? We’ve all … Read more

Why Dog Is Scratching Walls (5 Tips to Stop Scratching)

Black Cavapoo lying on a mat in front of the door with scratches.

We were inspired to write this article after getting mad at our dog for scratching the walls of our house. You may have noticed more and more that the walls in your home have scratch marks. And just like us, you think your dog is to blame too. They’re chipping away at the paint or … Read more

Cavapoo Dog Bed Size Guide (Puppy to Fully-Grown)

Puppy in a Comfortable Bed - How to Get Your Puppy To Sleep Past 6am

The assortment of online and in-store dog beds can make it hard for Cavapoo owners to make the right choice. Should a puppy Cavapoo have a different bed than a more senior Cavapoo, and should size affect your dog bed selection? Find all the answers here. Considering your Cavapoo’s age, size, weight, and personality when … Read more