Maltipoo Temperament Guide: Maltese Poodle Mix

Looking for an adorable dog with hypoallergenic qualities and a fantastic personality? Then let us introduce you to the Maltipoo, a combination of the Maltese and Miniature or Toy Poodle. This little dog is a ball of fun. But what is its temperament like? 

maltipoo wearing a ribbon and a scarf
Maltipoo wearing a ribbon and a scarf

In this article, we’ll take you through all you need to know about the Maltipoo, a gorgeous little Doodle breed.

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Maltipoos Are Gentle 

This designer breed was created to be a cute, sweet and hypoallergenic companion. The Maltipoo’s small size means they’re unlikely to bulldoze you or your little ones.

Their gentle nature means they’re always more cautious and want only the best for their humans. Maltipoos are super conscientious of your family’s emotional needs, contributing to their gentle nature.

Maltipoos Are Active 

white maltipoo outdoors
Maltipoo enjoying the outdoors

Matipoos naturally have a lot of energy. Combined with their fun-loving trait, they’ll readily volunteer for a walk or run in the park. 

Even though they have a lot of energy, they don’t need a ton of exercise. Ensure they get their daily exercise, and they’ll be thrilled. You can do this by taking your Maltipoo for a 20-minute walk twice a day or going for trips to your local park and letting them play.

That said, they don’t insist on being up and going throughout the day. Your Maltipoo would also be content with sitting by your side or on your lap.

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Are Maltipoos Affectionate? 

The loveable Maltipoo was bred for companionship. They love to cuddle or do anything you want to do. The Maltipoo is always happiest when with its owner. This also makes them great lap dogs, as they’ll stay with you as long as you’ll have them.

Because of their very affectionate trait, they could develop separation anxiety if they go for long periods without you. And when you finally come home, they’ll be at the door to tell you how much they missed you. 

One of the ways Maltipoos express their affection is by giving lots of kisses. So, yes, you can expect them to lick quite a bit. 

Maltipoos Are Fun-Loving 

brown maltipoo beside a stuffed toy maltipoo
Maltipoo with his stuffed toy

As far as traits inherited from the Poodle parent go, one thing is undeniable; the Maltipoo loves to play. So at any moment, your Maltipoo is always up for a game of tug-o-war, fetch, or just hanging onto their chew toy just as much as they would be excited to snuggle. 

Just looking at the Maltipoo can make you smile because they usually look like the happiest pups in the world. 

For anyone that owns as fun-loving and intelligent a dog as mine, I always recommend having a variety of toys and canine activities around the home to keep them entertained with or without you. 

I like to have a snuffle mat and doggy puzzle out to keep my dogs entertained and mentally stimulated.

Maltipoos Are Intelligent 

Due to the Miniature or Toy Poodle parent’s genes in this delightful pooch, the Maltipoo is more than just a happy-go-lucky companion; they are also incredibly bright. Their reasonably high intelligence level and need to please their owners make training them a breeze. So, they’ll pick up on simple instructions quickly.

However, they might struggle with potty training, but this has nothing to do with their intelligence and does not indicate stubbornness. This is actually because, as small dogs, they also have tiny bladders. You might also notice them pooping and peeing in the house more in cold weather because of their intolerance to the cold.

Their emotional intelligence is very sharp, as they can pick up on the family’s emotional cues. Because of this, they’re also trained to be great emotional support animals to help relieve owners of depression and anxiety. They’re even able to recognize medical alert commands when properly trained.

The Ideal Home For Maltipoos 

improper coat bicolor maltipoo sitting on a chair
Maltipoo sitting on a chair

This brilliant little bundle of joy is an excellent fit for any family, including novice dog owners. Their personality makes them easygoing pets who thrive off winning your affection and approval. 

Their high intelligence levels also make training a breeze. And their people-pleasing trait also means you won’t have to deal with stubbornness. 

Because of their size, they adapt well to homes of all sizes, including apartment living. They may be active little dogs, but Maltipoos are pretty happy in a smaller-sized home. As long as they get their daily exercise, time outside, games to play, and time with their loved ones, they’ll be perfectly content no matter the size of the home. 

Your Maltipoo will feel most comfortable in a household where the family is around often, and there’s structure. However, if you stay in an apartment or your Maltipoo must be by themselves for some time, it’s good to have them crate-trained. This ensures they have their own space to feel safe and comfortable.  

Are Maltipoos Aggressive or Protective? 

Adorable, affectionate, and small; Maltipoos are far from aggressive. Maltipoos are likely to bark at strangers or things they don’t trust if they approach them or their house, but it’s never excessive or overly defensive. They’ll usually stop as soon as they realize there’s no threat.

What Are Maltipoos Like With Cats And Small Animals?

These little dogs are friendly to humans and great with other animals. In addition, the Maltipoo has a low prey drive, so they’re less likely to run after or stalk smaller animals. 

Maltipoos And Other Dogs

two curly coat maltipoos in different colors
Curly coat Maltipoos in different colors

Maltipoos are almost as friendly with other dogs as they are with humans. So if you take them to a dog park or out to socialize, you won’t have to worry about them behaving erratically or defensively. 

Maltipoos and Children 

Maltipoos have an easygoing attitude when approaching children. They’re non-aggressive and very affectionate, so they love people who love them.

So, around kids who are older and more gentle, Maltipoos will adore them just as much as adults as long as they have been well-socialized as puppies. 

Maltipoos are better suited to families with older kids, not because of their temperament but purely because of their size. They can handle noises like crying and random giggles without getting easily annoyed, making them great around kids. But, their small stature does make them vulnerable to accidentally getting hurt by heavy-handed youngsters who don’t yet know how to be gentle with animals.

This isn’t to say you can’t have a Maltipoo with a toddler or young child around, but you do need to be vigilant when they’re interacting. 

Children who actively love and gently play with your Maltipoo will have a very affectionate best furry friend.

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