Guide To Leaving A Cavapoo At Home For 1–8 Hours

I am confident I am not the only person suffering from serious guilt pangs when leaving a furry friend alone.

Work, family, and other everyday responsibilities occasionally force us to take time apart. Your Cavapoo’s personality, age, health, and training affect how well they handle this alone time.

Cavapoo / Cavoodle left alone in the house
Cavapoo / Cavoodle is left alone in the house.

Guide to Leaving a Cavapoo at Home for 1 – 8 Hours

Cavapoos are highly social dogs that forge strong bonds and attachments to their human families. Without proper planning and training, you may return home to what could only be described as a doggy sequel of Home Alone.

Here are some guidelines to help curb any potential negative behaviors and keep you and your pooch in high spirits.

How Long Can You Leave a Cavapoo Alone?

Several factors influence the length of time you can leave a Cavapoo home alone.

Your house set up, whether your Cavapoo has other doggy companions or has been trained and socialized, are only a handful of the factors that need consideration. Health, age, and personality are also hugely significant.

The Importance of Age

Age is, for me, one of the most significant determining factors. A young Cavapoo puppy will not have the same bladder control as an adult, and a newly homed pup is considerably more susceptible to separation anxiety if left alone too early.

You don’t want to come home to lots of puddles across your floor coupled with a stressed-out pooch. Leave your puppy for the least amount of time possible and as long as they can comfortably hold their bladders.

Cavapoo pups need loads of attention and regular potty breaks!

Consider the Cavapoo’s Characteristics

Although the American Kennel Club suggests that adult dogs can remain home alone for six to eight hours, I would suggest otherwise for Cavapoos.  

Given that Cavapoos are highly active and extremely social dogs, I would attempt to keep the alone time to a maximum of four hours. If you have done sufficient planning and training or have no other option, you can consider extending the time to 6 hours.

Here is a simple guide that will help better indicate what alone times your Cavapoo can handle.

Remember these are average recommended times, and you need to adjust the times based on your Cavapoo’s personality, history, and home setup.

Guide On Cavapoo Average Safe Alone Times

Cavapoo Life StagesAge in weeks/monthsAverage Maximum Alone Time
Puppies    < 10 weeks1 hour
Puppies        10 – 12 weeks2 hours
Adolescents 5 – 18 monthsGradual increase up to 4 hours
Adult / Mature     > 18 months2 to 4 hours

Negatives of Leaving a Cavapoo Alone

Cavapoos are not fans of being left alone for long periods. They are typically described as an athletic, active breed that can quickly bore or become restless if left alone with little distraction or stimulation.

Leaving your Cavapoo home alone without providing them with some fun toys or tasks to keep them occupied can result in many negative behavioral issues.

You may arrive home to gnawed on and scratched furniture, holes in the previously pristine garden or couch, and disgruntled neighbors complaining of excessive barking.

These behaviors may signify boredom or separation anxiety and need to be addressed sooner than later.

If your Cavapoo is still a pup, leaving them longer than their bladders can manage or with no potty training can give rise to a house spotted with number 1’s and 2’s (Not a fun surprise for anyone returning after a fun outing).

Cavapoo making a mess and destroying the pillow while being left alone in the house.
Cavapoo makes a mess and destroys the pillow while being left alone in the house.

How Long Can a Cavapoo Hold Its Bladder When Left?

It is unethical and upsetting for dogs not to be allowed to relieve themselves when needed.

If you have an adult Cavapoo and need to leave them alone for an extended period, install a dog door, so they can control where and when they go for outdoor potty breaks.

Here are some practical, high-quality dog door options:

This screen door is both self-closing and lockable and easy to install on any screen door or window.

Perfect for apartments, this dog door is made to fit most existing sliding doors.

Here’s a classic, well-rated dog door you can’t go wrong with.

I would not leave my adult Cavapoo for longer than six hours if possible. You can stretch it to eight hours, if necessary, but please ensure you have toys and training to back your decision.  

The American Kennel Club has advised that puppies (younger than ten weeks of age) cannot hold their bladders for more than an hour. After three months, your pup should have better control and be able to keep their bladder for an hour every month that they are old.  

Here is a helpful guide that might give you a better understanding of how your Cavapoo’s bladder control develops:

Cavapoo Bladder Control Ability Guide

Age in weeks/monthsBladder control in hours
< 10 weeks1 hour
10 – 12 weeks2 hours
3 months3 hours
4 months4 hours
5 months5 hours
6 months6 hours
> 6 months6 to 8 hours

Will Leaving a Cavapoo Create Separation Anxiety?

Some breeds are less known to show signs of separation anxiety. Cavapoos are not one of them.

If you don’t spend time training and teaching your Cavapoo to self-soothe when you are gone or take time to familiarise them with your going out schedule, you could end up with one anxious dog.

As I previously mentioned, dogs with separation anxiety can channel their anxiety into destructive or negative behavior. This can be a nuisance for owners and upsetting for your Cavapoo.

Pacing, barking excessively, losing appetite, destroying furniture, drooling, and running away from home are all behavioral signs of potential separation anxiety.

How to Prevent Separation Anxiety

If you are unsure how to train your Cavapoo to become accustomed to being left alone, look for a dog trainer or behaviorist that can guide you.

Remember that desensitizing or getting your Cavapoo used to you leaving is not a quick process and needs a lot of patience and time.  

Baby Steps

As a first step, try leaving the room your Cavapoo is in for short periods and make sure you return before they feel anxious. Once they are comfortable with these short periods without their human, add additional time to your away periods.

Take a quick walk up the road or in the garden. Slowly incorporate leaving cues such as the jingling of keys, opening the front door, or putting on your handbag so that your Cavapoo realizes that these cues should not be a concern.

Alternate and use the leaving cues even when not leaving the house to help them disassociate the action with you going or something to be anxious about.  

Make Your Return Habitual, Repetitive, and Uninteresting

Do not make a huge fuss on your return. Remain calm and only pat and acknowledge your Cavapoo once they are settled and relaxed. This creates less differentiation between when you are home and when you go out.  

You want your coming and going to be viewed as a regular routine for your Cavapoo.

Positive Reinforcement

I don’t know many dogs that do not respond well to positive reinforcement. 

Providing your Cavapoo with cheerful treats or toys before leaving can help them associate you’re leaving with something positive and fun rather than something stressful and worrisome.  

Puppy playing with a toy
Puppy playing with a toy.

What Environments are Suitable to Leave a Cavapoo

When leaving your Cavapoo, ensure that the environment you leave them in is safe and secure.

There are several environments where a Cavapoo can be safely left alone. I will touch on the most common dwelling spaces.

Homes with Outdoor Access

If you have a home with access to a garden or outdoor space, this can make your Cavapoos alone time less stressful.

Install a dog door and ensure that the outside space is safe for them to wander around.


Cavapoos are smaller dog breeds that are happy in apartments if they get adequate stimulation and exercise.

When leaving a Cavapoo alone in an apartment, you may need to consider using a pen or crate. Away for more extended periods?  Entrust a friend or outside help to assist in taking your furry friend for a quick walk or potty break.

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How to Leave a Cavapoo at Home

Leaving a Cavapoo at home takes careful planning and consideration.

Not only do you need to train them before leaving, but you also need to ensure that their home setup is safe, calm, and with the right number of distractions.

Here are a couple of helpful suggestions:

The Essentials

Before leaving your Cavapoo home alone, ensure that they have sufficient access to water and food.

There are some tremendous automatic food dispensers and water fountains that are perfect for long periods spent alone. Not only are water fountains fun for Cavapoos, but they also hold the extra water needed for hot days spent alone.

Here are some options from Amazon to consider:

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I love this Veken Pet Fountain with its three-flow designs and filtration system. If you are looking for a fountain for outdoors, then they also make this popular option: Veken 95oz/2.8L Pet Fountain.

Pet Barriers and Safety

If you want to keep areas of your house off limits or are concerned about your Cavapoo accessing potentially unsafe areas of your home or garden, then a pet barrier will do the trick.

Check out these two great gate options:

Mom's Choice Awards Winner-Cumbor 29.5-46" Auto Close Safety Baby Gate, Extra Tall and Wide Child Gate, Easy Walk Thru Durability Dog Gate for House, Stairs, Doorways, White

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If you allow your Cavapoo access to the garden when you are out, ensure you have a secure fence with no possible escape routes.

Pet-Proof your Home

If your dog gets bored quickly or your Cavapoo is still a puppy, make sure your home is safe.

Remove and place any toxic substances or houseplants out of reach and ensure that no small objects that could pose a potential choking hazard are lying around.

Dangling cables or wires should set off alarm bells – they are so tempting and chewable for any young pup!

A Friendly Neighbor or Helper

Can someone stop by to check on your furry friend?

A quick drop-in for a bit of love or a brisk walk can make a massive difference to your dog’s happiness and make you less anxious about leaving them alone.

Make Your Home a Soothing and Relaxed Space

Leave the TV or radio on low, so the house or apartment does not feel so quiet and lonely.

Make a comfy space with pillows and soft blankets for your Cavapoo to relax in, and keep blinds or curtains open so they have some outdoor distraction.

Morning Together Time

Why not wake up a little earlier or prioritize some time to walk or play with your Cavapoo before heading out?

If your Cavapoo has a play or walk and feels tired when you leave, they will be less likely to miss you.

They should enjoy relaxing and having a quick snooze and be less concerned about your whereabouts.

Do You Have Space for a Dog Companion?

If you have the time, money, and space for a second dog or compatible animal friend – this can significantly help your furry friend endure time away from you.

Not only will they have a companion to spend their time with, but they also will not feel as alone in your absence.

Add Some Mental Stimulation and Fun

Providing your Cavapoo with fun toys and activities before you leave will help create a positive association with you going and keep them occupied and distracted.

Here are a couple of tried and tested entertainment ideas from Amazon:

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