Are Aussidoodles Hypoallergenic: Do They Shed?

You’ve always wanted an Aussiedoodle. They are cute, and their energetic and loving personalities fit into your lifestyle very well. But there is one problem; someone in your household has allergies. Before you can think about bringing it into your home, let’s look at whether Aussiedoodles dogs are hypoallergenic, do they shed? Whether or not … Read more

Do Aussiedoodles Have a Tail? Answered!


If you are looking to add an Aussiedoodle (also known as Aussiepoo) to your life, you may have seen some Aussiedoodles with and without tails. Now you may be wondering if Aussiedoodles are supposed to have a tail or not. In this article, we’ll explore why some Aussiedoodle dogs have tails and others might not. … Read more

Is a Male or Female Aussiedoodle Better?

9-month old Aussiedoodle puppy

If you are considering buying an Aussiedoodle, you might wonder, is a male or female Aussiedoodle better? There are many misconceptions about the difference between males and females of any dog breed. The Aussiedoodle is no different. Let’s look at some things that the gender of the Aussiedoodle does affect. Effects of Gender on Male … Read more

Aussiedoodle Coat Types And How To Care For Them

Black and white Aussiedoodle

Are you thinking of getting an Aussiedoodle? Before making that decision, there is a very important factor to consider. What are Aussiedoodle coat types and how to care for them? The most apparent variation between Aussiedoodles is their coats. And the three main coat types of the Aussiedoodle dog are curly, wavey, and straight. Aussiedoodles, … Read more