Yorkiepoo Exercise Requirements for Health and Happiness

Yorkiepoos are adorable, sweet, and quite the energetic fur ball. But, with this combination, you might be wondering, just how much exercise does a Yorkiepoo dog need? 

Yorkiepoo Dog With Rope Toy
Yorkiepoo Dog With Rope Toy

How Much Exercise Does a Yorkiepoo Need?

Yorkiepoos are a relatively small and energetic breed that, on average, require approximately 30 minutes of exercise per day, depending on their age and health. 

Puppy (twice daily)Adult (once daily)Senior (once daily)
One month: 5 min
Two months: 10 min
Three months: 15 min
30 min30 min (moderate exercise)

They may be minute, but the Yorkiepoo can be a powerhouse of energy that needs adequate exercise every day. But what kinds of activities are appropriate for this spunky dog? 

Why You Should Exercise Your Yorkiepoo

Your Yorkiepoo is an incredible combination of two highly intelligent dogs, the Poodle, and the Yorkshire Terrier. They’re also extremely playful and have a high prey drive and quite a bit of energy. With all these characteristics mixed into one little dog, you need to ensure they’re exercised regularly to avoid them getting bored, destructive, irritable, and unhealthy.  

If you don’t ensure your Yorkiepoo gets adequate exercise, you might come home to find things chewed up or an incredibly vocal pooch trying to let you know they need an outlet. And they like to bark already, so you don’t want to experience an irritable Yorkiepoo. 

But further, than the negatives, let’s take a look at some benefits of why it’s exercise is vital for your Yorkiepoo:

  • Builds up their confidence and trust 
  • Increases agility and flexibility
  • Promotes housetraining
  • Improves overall health
  • Helps increase socialization
  • Reduces the risk of obesity
  • Aids in reducing separation anxiety
  • Reduces digestive issues 
  • Improves issues with behavioral problems

Exercise For An Adult Yorkiepoo

Yorkiepoo Sitting Outside
Yorkiepoo Sitting Outside

Adult Yorkiepoos are in the prime of their life, and while they’re small enough to just sit and be a lap dog all day, they shouldn’t be confined to a small space all day, and they don’t want to be either. 

These spritely pooches love to move around and be active as much as they can. And their natural curiosity also means they’re up and down all the time. So your average adult Yorkiepoo needs to have at least 30 minutes of exercise in a day. 

Considering their size, you’ll need to ensure you don’t over-exercise your Yorkiepoo. Taking them for a swift 20-minute walk and then 10 minutes of playtime during the day is best. But, of course, some Yorkiepoos will need more exercise than others, so you’ll need to implement it at your discretion. 

My dogs have so much energy that we regularly go on long walks to ensure they’re not overactive into the night. That being said, we make sure the walks are brisk and consistent but not to the point where they’re panting. If your dog is panting heavily or wanting to lie down, then take a break and give them some water, but you don’t want them to get to this point.

Yorkiepoos have high intelligence and prey drive, so exercise doesn’t always mean physical but mental stimulation is necessary. Have lots of toys and games for them to play with throughout the day, especially when you’re away and they have to spend some time alone. One toy my dogs love is the automatic ball launcher, which they can play with while I’m there or away.

Here are some great exercises for your adult Yorkiepoo:

  • Playing with toys (interactive puzzles and automatic launchers.)
  • Playing games (fetch, tug-of-war, and treasure hunt, etc.)
  • Running 
  • Walking 
  • Swimming 

Exercise For A Yorkiepoo Puppy

Yorkiepoo Puppy
Yorkiepoo Puppy

Yorkiepoo puppies are the cutest bundle of fun, and their tiny frame as they zoom around makes them even more adorable. And as much as they want to run and play, they need rest just as much because their little bodies are continuing to develop. 

When trying to keep the exercise and rest balance, it’s important to keep a few things in mind when getting your Yorkiepoo puppy to exercise. It’s not as straightforward as a fully grown Yorkiepoo’s exercise routine because your puppy’s routine will gradually increase the older they get. 

Some excellent exercises for your Yorkiepoo puppy:

  • Play! Tug of war, fetch, and all those classic games are great ways to exercise your puppy. But always be mindful of their tiny growing body and make sure they don’t get hurt. A brilliant game my dogs loved as puppies and even to this day is using a puzzle feeder for entertainment, treats, and exercise.
  • Walks. Once your puppy is fully vaccinated and old enough, it’s time to take them out to explore their surroundings.
  • Training. From eight weeks old, it’s brilliant to start training them and seeing them develop.
  • Running. Please don’t take them to run out in parks when they’re too young, but let them run around your garden and home till their heart’s content.

For every month older your puppy gets, you can increase their exercise time by five minutes. So, for example, when your puppy is two months old, it should be getting 10 minutes of exercise, and when they turn three months, you can increase it to 15 minutes. 

Exercise For A Senior Yorkiepoo

Yorkiepoo Lying Down
Yorkiepoo Lying Down

As your little Yorkiepoo heads into its elderly years, you’ll still need to allow for some exercise time. Exercise is good for older dogs as it keeps their joints supple and allows for proper blood and oxygen flow around their bodies to keep them healthy. 

As much as they still need to exercise, for the most part, they won’t be able to do what they could when they were puppies. So you’ll need to consider their limitations and ailments and do exercises that are appropriate for them.  

The key to exercise for your senior Yorkiepoo is to do it in short intervals. Exercise does not need to be long. This can do more harm than good as they might overexert and injure themselves. 

Here are some exercise ideas for your senior Yorkiepoo:

  • Walking. This exercise is timeless and is perfect for your aging doggo. Although, you need to watch how your Yorkiepoo feels, what the weather is like, and the pace at which you’re walking. Short walks are great to warm them up before any other exercise.
  • Swimming. It’s refreshing and a type of exercise with a low impact on your old dog’s muscles and joints. It’s often used during physical therapy for dogs with major surgery or canine arthritis. A lake or dog pool is perfect for taking your Yorkiepoo swimming in. Because of strong currents, taking them swimming in the ocean in their advanced years is not advisable, but a calm lagoon can be absolute bliss for your old dog. 
  • Gentle Play. Fetch, or tug-of-war, is still on the cards; you’ll need to be more delicate than when they were younger. You should always check for signs of discomfort or pain afterward. If so, be even more gentle. 

Precautions To Take When Exercising Your Yorkiepoo

Taking precautions with your fur baby is an excellent way to ensure they get a solid exercise routine. Although there aren’t many things that can go wrong when they’re exercising, here are some things that you need to err on the side of caution with.

Consider The Weather

Yorkiepoos get cold quickly. So, it’s good to know what the weather is doing before you brave the great outdoors with them. Make sure it won’t be too cold for them, and if winter is settling in, make sure they’re warm enough. 

Use Reflective Gear

If you go for night walks with your Yorkiepoo, having them as visible as possible is a good idea. Invest in harnesses, leashes, and collars with reflective materials so drivers and pedestrians can see you both. Having a flashlight can also be a good way to alert others that you’re there so that you can see your surroundings.

Use A Good Dog Harness

Yorkiepoos are incredibly fragile little creatures; one body part, in particular, is their neck. The reason it’s better to use a harness instead of a collar is that they are susceptible to developing a collapsed trachea. So rather avoid anything that puts strain on their neck. 

A harness is best used for exercising, but it’s still important they wear a collar so they can be identified.

Be Safe Off The Leash

I don’t know any dogs that don’t love to be off the leash, Yorkiepoos included. But because of their high prey drive, Yorkiepoo doesn’t have good impulse control. If they see a small animal, the majority of the time, they will dart off after it. The safest thing to do is to ensure they’re in a fenced-off area before taking them off the leash. 

When they’re off-leash, they love to play with other dogs. Naturally, your Yorkiepoo might feel threatened or scared of big dogs, but if they play with big dogs, just keep an eye on them. All it takes is a knock from a giant paw, and your puppy could get seriously hurt. Ensure your Yorkiepoo is well socialized from a young age to ensure they don’t antagonize bigger dogs.

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