Yorkiepoo Coat Types And How To Care For Them

What’s not to love about the adorable combination of Yorkshire Terrier and Poodle? The resulting Yorkiepoo dog is a fluffy bundle of cuteness that has produced some sought-after coat types. Inheriting their coat from the Yorkie and Poodle means their coats come in a variety of textures. So what different coat types does the Yorkiepoo have and how do you care for them? Read on to find out more.

Yorkiepoo Dog With Rope Toy
Yorkiepoo Dog With Rope Toy

Due to the mix of the curly-haired Poodle and the straight or wavy locks of the Yorkshire Terrier, the Yorkiepoo inherits either a curly, wavy or straight textured coat.

So now we know the different types of coats the Yorkiepoo can inherit, let’s look at each one more closely along with how to care for them.

Curly Coat Yorkiepoo

Yorkiepoo Sitting Outside
Yorkiepoo with Curly Coat Sitting Outside

The curly-haired Yorkiepoo looks the most like its Poodle parent. Therefore coat maintenance is very similar to that of Poodle coats too.

The curly coat is also the most hypoallergenic of the three types of coats, as it has a lower chance of shedding dense curls. However, it’s important to remember that no dog coat is 100% hypoallergenic.

Thankfully, caring for the curly Yorkiepoo’s curly coat is slightly easier to maintain than the Poodles’. I recommend brushing your curly pup’s coat once a day, or at least every other day, to keep the mattes at bay.

Curly coats are renowned for getting dirt and debris stuck in the coats. So it’s a good idea to wash that curly Yorkiepoo coat at least once every two to three weeks.

You can bathe them weekly if they are noticeably dirty. If you leave your curly-coated Yorkiepoo unwashed for three weeks, you could risk them developing skin irritation or infection from dirt, oils, and sweat buildup under that curly coat.

I love to use a gentle dog shampoo like this one for my fur babies to keep them looking and smelling clean. This 4-in-1 shampoo cleans, conditions, detangles, and moisturizes that curly coat and shouldn’t cause any irritation to their skin.

Wavy Coat Yorkiepoo

Yorkiepoo Puppy
Yorkiepoo Puppy with Wavy Coat

The wavy coat resembles a mixture of the Yorkie and the Poodle parents. Because wavy hair is less dense than curly hair, it is easier to maintain because it’s less likely to get matted or tangled.

A Yorkiepoo with wavy hair should be brushed at least every alternate day to avoid their coat knotting and becoming unruly.

To keep their coat healthy and soft, you should give them a bath every few weeks to keep their skin and fur clean, conditioned, and detangled.

Straight Coat Yorkiepoo

Two Yorkiepoo Dogs on Owners Lap
Two Yorkiepoo Dogs with Straight Coats on Owner’s Lap

The Yorkiepoo, with a straight-haired coat, looks most like its Yorkshire Terrier parent.

Straight-haired Yorkiepoo has hair that looks pretty similar to human hair, especially when it gains some length; it can also get as knotted as ours. This means staying on top of your straight-haired Yorkiepoo’s hair regime is important.

Give them a brush every few days to detangle any knots that have formed and keep them looking tidy. You can give a straight coat Yorkiepoo a bath every few weeks. This will help keep their coat clean is essential to growing a long, healthy coat.

To keep their hair looking silky and smooth, you can mix a small amount of dog conditioner with water in a spray bottle and spray a bit while giving them a brush.

Are Yorkiepoos Hypoallergenic?

To a certain extent, Yorkiepoos have a considerably high hypoallergenic factor in their coats. Still, no dog has a 100% hypoallergenic coat. The curly-haired Yorkiepoo is the most likely to be hypoallergenic as they are less likely to shed.

The actual pet allergy is not to the fur itself but to the pet dander from skin cells and the dog’s saliva. In addition, curly poodle coats are more likely to trap loose hairs in the coat, and therefore they shed less hair.

If you suffer from mild allergies, the F1b or F2b Yorkiepoo generation would be the best fit. This is because these generations have a higher chance of inheriting the Poodle parent’s curly coat. These coats are more hypoallergenic than a Yorkiepoo with a similar coat to that of the Yorkshire Terrier parent’s straight or wavy coat.

The Best Way to Style Your Yorkiepoo’s Hair

When maintaining your Yorkiepoo’s beautiful locks, it’s always best to consider the season they are in. During the warmer seasons, it’s great to give your pup a shorter cut to keep them feeling cool and prevent overheating. While in the colder seasons, it’s best to keep their coats longer to keep them warm and cozy. Here are some of the top styles for Yorkiepoo cuts you can request from your groomer:

Puppy Cut: The Best Style For A Cute Look

If your Yorkiepoo has a coat similar to the Yorkshire Terrier, then the Puppy Cut is a cute, popular, and easy-to-maintain style for your dog.

This is when your groomer, or you, if you’re confident, give your Yorkiepoo a short cut all over using electric dog clippers. The length you’re going for can differ according to your preference. A good rule to stick to is keeping the hair at ½ an inch long.

This style is a firm favorite because it’s super cute. It can also be inexpensive because you can maintain it at home.

Schnauzer Cut: The Best Style For A More Professionally Groomed Look

The Schnauzer cut looks clean-cut and professionally done, and rightfully so. This style has excellent results for all Yorkiepoo coats by professional groomers, but if you’re feeling confident, try and have a go at it.

You’ll trim your Yorkiepoos coat from neck to tail with dog clippers, but leave the hair around their legs, neck, and face a bit longer.

Teddy Bear Clip: The Best Style For Easy Home Maintenance

This style looks best on your wavy-haired Yorkiepoos but can work with any coat type. It looks very similar to the Puppy cut, but the length of the coat is kept at around two inches long all over, and you can leave a bit more volume at their head.

Just keep the hair around their private parts shorter to ensure there are no messy situations when they need to do their business.

This style is the easiest of the three recommended for Yorkiepoos and can easily be done at home because it doesn’t require dog clippers, just scissors. And just like that, you have an easy-to-maintain and neat style for your Yorkiepoo.

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