Yorkiepoos: Understand The Barking Habits Of Yorkiepoo Dogs

The Yorkiepoo may be a tiny specimen of a dog, but does its bark match its small stature? Most small dogs tend to bark a lot, and you’re probably wondering if your sweet Yorkiepoo falls into this category. 

Black and White Yorkiepoo
Black and White Yorkiepoo

Do Yorkiepoos Bark A Lot?

Yorkiepoos, like many other small breeds of dog, bark a lot. You’ll generally hear them bark when there’s a person at the door if someone new comes over, or when they think there is a threat.

If you’re looking at getting one of these designer dogs, be prepared for a lot of barking and interaction. keep reading to find out why Yorkiepoos bark and your options to reduce barking.

Tips To Stop Your Yorkiepoo Barking

As small as your Yorkiepoo may be, they have a lot to say and will use their bark in many situations, especially when they’re ‘protecting’ the house from threats. They’re completely unaware of how unintimidating and slightly annoying their barks are. 

There is the odd Yorkiepoo that has been trained only to bark every now and again, but for most Yorkiepoos, their high intelligence and stubbornness can make this trait less likely. 

Now that you’re prepared for the amount of barking you can expect to hear from your Yorkiepoo, there are some things you can do when the barking becomes a bit much for you and your neighbors. 

Step 1: Understand Why They Are Barking 

Yes, a love for barking is inherited from their Yorkie parents, but this isn’t the only reason they would be barking all the time. The worst approach you can take to stop your dog from barking is shouting at them continuously. To get down to the issue, you need to try and understand why they’re barking. It could be due to the following: 

Separation Anxiety

With as much affection and love as your Yorkiepoo gives you, they expect it to be reciprocated. Sometimes they are so attached, that they develop separation anxiety. And when they’re without their loved one, they show their anxiety mainly by barking up a storm.

Lack of Attention 

As with separation anxiety, your dog needs to receive a certain amount of attention from their owners. The amount of attention will vary from dog to dog, but if you’re not showing your Yorkiepoo enough love and affection, they will be barking a lot, even by small dog standards.

Lack of attention also branches out to a lack of interaction with other dogs. If your Yorkiepoo isn’t socialized from a young age, they’re more likely to bark at everyone and everything, including other dogs.

Lack of Exercise or Play

Yorkiepoo Dog With Rope Toy
Yorkiepoo Dog With Rope Toy

A Yorkiepoo who isn’t receiving an adequate amount of exercise to stimulate both their mind and body is going to get pretty annoyed when they start to vocalize their boredom. Most dogs will get a bit agitated, and different breeds will show their displeasure of being cooped up for too long in various ways. But the Yorkiepoo will let you know by barking excessively.

Yorkiepoos have a very high level of intelligence, which means it’s an absolute necessity to get their daily dose of play and exercise. 

They Enjoy It

Yorkiepoos are like miniature, hairy humans. Some enjoy talking way more than others. So, more often enough, your Yorkipoo will love to talk to you. Their method of communication is…barking, of course. Yorkiepoos are more of a spunky breed due to the combination of fun-loving Poodle and tenacious Yorkie genes. They’ll let you know when something’s boring or interesting, or if something or someone is new. 

They Feel Afraid

Considering the Yorkiepoos toy size, it’s no wonder they’ll bark a lot when everything seems at least ten times their size. Due to their brave attitude, they’re not likely to shy away from imminent danger. They won’t be able to do much, but they can let you know by barking.

Step 2: Implement Training Techniques To Stop Your Yorkiepoo Barking

Once we’ve identified why your Yorkiepoo is barking, the next step is to train them not to bark and give them what they need to reduce the barking habit.

Socialize Your Yorkiepoo Early

Socializing your Yorkiepoo at an early age is not technically a training technique to stop your dog from barking, but really it’s a preventative measure. The sooner you introduce your Yorkiepoo puppy to people and other dogs, the more comfortable they’ll be with being around others that they don’t know. 

This means there’ll be a smaller chance of them barking unnecessarily when people come to the door when you go to the park or other situations.

Use The ‘Stop’ Method

It’s important to let your dog know you disapprove of the barking, but how you do, it plays a role in whether your dog will react well. A way to do this is to use the ‘stop’ command as soon as they start barking. 

When you say the command, ensure your tone is firm, low-pitched, and at a low volume. This is the best way to sound like you’re in charge of the situation, which is best when dealing with a headstrong little Yorkiepoo. Never use this command in a panicked tone or use it repetitively.

Ignore the Barking 

When your Yorkiepoo is barking for the sake of trying to get attention for the sake of it, your best option is to ignore the barking. If you respond every time they bark for no apparent reason, you’re essentially training them that if they bark, they’ll get what they want…your attention!

Don’t Leave Them Alone for Too Long

Two Yorkiepoo Dogs on Owners Lap
Two Yorkiepoo Dogs on Owner’s Lap

Yorkiepoos love to be near their owners, and those that develop separation anxiety will struggle when they’re not with you and bark a lot more. While this isn’t necessarily destructive, it can annoy you and your neighbors. Here are a few things to do if you think your Yorkiepoo is stressed due to separation anxiety: 

Visit your vet. Get a professional treatment plan to help.

Set a consistent routine. Yorkiepoos are animals of habit, so it’s great to have a consistent routine, so they can predict when you’ll be around and gone.

Spend more time away. After your Yorkiepoo is settled into a consistent and predictable routine, you can gradually spend more time away.

Have toys and treats around the house. Ensure to leave your Yorkiepoo’s favorite toys and items around to keep them stimulated.

Give Them A Good Amount of Exercise

It’s quite entertaining for both you and your little Yorkiepoo as they exercise. I find that exercise time is always a great bonding time with my dogs, as it consists of playing a lot of the time. So, you don’t have to stick to walking for your exercise time. Get fun and creative with a few of these activities to try:

  • Agility training
  • Go walking, jogging, or running
  • Go swimming
  • Play fetch
  • Tug-of-War
  • Play hide and seek
  • Play nose work games
  • Take them to the park

Give Them A Safe and Stimulating Environment

A Yorkiepoo who feels unsafe is going to bark a lot more, so creating an environment where they feel safe can do a lot to minimize the annoyance of barking. 

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