When Do Labradoodles Calm Down? Answered!

Labradoodle Running

Labradoodles can be incredibly energetic dogs. This is a lot of fun at times, as they seem to radiate joy and playfulness. But, when they reach a particularly hyperactive phase as they grow, it can become a little bit overwhelming. So, when do Labradoodles calm down? Let’s find out. At What Age Do Labradoodles Calm … Read more

Labradoodle Generations Explained: F1, F1b, F1bb, F2, and More

Labradoodle Standing in the Park

Labradoodles are a great choice of dog. But there is a lot of variety amongst Labradoodle generations. What exactly is the difference in size, coat, and temperament between Labradoodle generations? Which one is the best choice for you? By the end of this article, you’ll understand all of this and more.  Labradoodle generations are illustrated … Read more

Maltipoo Temperament Guide: Maltese Poodle Mix

maltipoo wearing a ribbon and a scarf

Looking for an adorable dog with hypoallergenic qualities and a fantastic personality? Then let us introduce you to the Maltipoo, a combination of the Maltese and Miniature or Toy Poodle. This little dog is a ball of fun. But what is its temperament like?  In this article, we’ll take you through all you need to … Read more

Are Labradoodles Hypoallergenic: Do They Shed?

Labradoodle Standing in the Park

Dogs can be great companions for adults and children alike. But, a surprising amount of people suffer from asthma and pet-related allergies. Poodle-hybrids, including the Labradoodle, do not shed much and are considered allergy friendly. But are Labradoodles hypoallergenic and do they shed? Read on to find out. Labradoodles are not perfectly hypoallergenic. They still … Read more

Labradoodle Exercise Requirements for Health and Happiness

Labradoodle Running

Labradoodles are adorable balls of fun that are incredibly popular as family pets. But, both the Labrador Retriever and the Poodle are historically working dogs with large exercise requirements. So it’s important to ensure you understand how much exercise a Labradoodle needs before committing to one. How Much Exercise Does a Labradoodle Need? Labradoodles adult … Read more

Labradoodle Size and Weight Guide: Mini, Medium and Standard

black and white labradoodles in different sizes

Labradoodles are some of the most well-known Poodle-hybrids. They are incredibly friendly and affectionate, which makes them great family dogs. But, before you bring one into your house, it’s important to ask; how big will a Labradoodle get? And what are the different size options available to you? Let’s find out. How Big Will a … Read more

14 Maltipoo Health Problems To Know Before Buying

young white maltipoo

Maltipoos are adorable balls of white fluff. They are incredibly playful and good with children, making them ideal for families. But no one wants to fall in love with a dog only for it to become ill unexpectedly. So what health problems do Maltipoos have? And what can be done about them? Read on to … Read more

Labradoodle Coat Types And How To Care For Them

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The friendly Labradoodle is a beautiful dog suited for any family, including first-time dog owners. One reason is because of how easy it is to look after. But what are the different Labradoodle coat types and are they easy to maintain? Let’s find out. The Labradoodle, a combination of the Labrador Retriever and the Poodle, … Read more

Labradoodles: Understand the Barking Habits of Labradoodle Dogs

Curly Coat Labradoodle

The Labradoodle embodies all the friendliness, enthusiasm, and curiosity you can get from combining the Poodle and Labrador Retriever. They love meeting new people and are likelier to welcome a stranger into the house than chase them away. But what are the barking habits of a Labradoodle, do they bark a lot? Do Labradoodles Bark … Read more

Are Labradoodles Protective: Are They Guard or Watchdogs?

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Labradoodles, or a hybrid between a Poodle and a Labrador Retriever, are incredibly popular because of their thick curls and friendly nature. But a lot of people may need a family dog that can double as a good guard or watchdog. But are Labradoodles protective?  Labradoodles are not naturally good guard dogs and are not … Read more