The Average Life Expectancy Of Cavapoo Dog (Toy and Mini)

Average Life Expectancy of Cavapoo Toy and Mini

We all would love our furry friends to live forever, but what is the average realistic life expectancy of a Cavapoo dog? Thankfully you can breathe a sigh of relief. Research suggests that mixed-breed and smaller-sized dogs such as your Cavapoo (Cavoodle) benefit from a longer life span. A Cavapoo’s average lifespan is between 10 … Read more

Do Cavapoos Get Cold In Winter Or Snow?

Cavapoo enjoying Snow Outdoors - Do Cavapoos Get Cold In Winter Or Snow

Cavapoo’s love to romp and play, but does this apply when it’s snowing, windy and cold? Keeping your Cavapoo warm should be your priority, and fortunately, numerous accessories and doggie products are available to help. Cavapoos cope with moderately cold conditions due to their thick coats. Snowy, colder weather can be tolerated for shorter periods … Read more

Do Cavapoos Like to Cuddle? Are They Affectionate?

Do Cavapoos Like to Cuddle

If you have met or owned a Cavapoo, you will know their highly affectionate, cuddly, and loving nature. If you are not the cuddly type and prefer your own company, then a Cavapoo (Cavoodle) may not be your best doggie match. The Cavapoo’s genetics and the fact they were purposely bred for companionship make them … Read more

Are Cavapoos Aggressive Dogs? Answered!

Are Cavapoos Aggressive Dogs

Your Cavapoo is barking incessantly and growling at you and passers-by. Does this mean your adorable Cavapoo is aggressive or curious and playful? Genetics make the Cavapoo (Cavoodle) breed commonly accepted as both affectionate and gentle. Nevertheless, inadequate socialization, stress, fear, hormonal changes, injury, and neglect can all affect the behavior of even the friendliest … Read more

Do Cavapoo Puppies Start With Straight Hair?

Cavapoo Puppy - Are All Cavapoo Dogs Born with Straight Hair

If you have ever gone Cavapoo shopping, you will notice that not all Cavapoo pups look alike. Cavapoo (also called Cavoodle) puppies come in various colors and coat types, and their puppy coat, although usually soft and fluffy, is not guaranteed to remain through adulthood. In this article, I set out to answer whether cavapoo … Read more

What Age To Start Grooming Cavapoo Puppy

When to Start Grooming Cavoodle Cavapoo Puppy

Knowing when and how to groom your Cavapoo puppy is essential for caring for your furry friend. Not all Cavapoos (Cavoodles) are head-over-heels with grooming. So knowing how to prepare your Cavapoo and acquiring the correct tools makes the grooming process effortless and uncomplicated. Let’s find out more. Cavapoo Grooming Age Recommendations It’s best to … Read more

Can Cavapoos Swim? Do They Like Swimming?

Cavapoo Dog in the Pool -Can Cavapoos Swim

The Cavapoos love for swimming originates from their Spaniel and Poodle roots. Early water socialization, water safety, and respecting your Cavapoo’s individuality are key to encouraging a love for water and swimming. Water play is the ultimate fun activity for Cavapoos (also called Cavoodle), and as luck would have it, swimming will also reward your … Read more

Is a Male or a Female Cavapoo Better?

Is a Male or Female Cavapoo Cavoodle Better

Have you been desperately trying to decide whether to buy a male or female Cavapoo? There are numerous benefits and drawbacks of both genders of Cavapoo (aka Cavoodle) which may influence your final decision. But generally speaking, this will depend on your circumstances. In this article, we will help you determine whether a male or … Read more

What To Do If Your Cavapoo Is A Picky Eater

What to Do If Cavapoo Is a Picky Eater

Some Cavapoos are reputed to have sensitive stomachs and to be picky eaters. There are many valid reasons (and some that aren’t) as to why your Cavapoo is not eating her scientifically designed diet. In this article, we look at the possible reasons your Cavapoo is a picky eater and what you can do about … Read more

Why Does My Cavapoo Smell? How To Make It Smell Better?

Why Does My Cavapoo Smell and How to Make it Smell Better

What’s that smell? There is nothing worse than your beloved Cavapoo (aka Cavoodle) approaching for an intimate cuddle only to envelop you in an unpleasant pong. Regrettably, no dog is immune to stinking, but fortuitously the Cavapoo’s Cavalier and Poodle parents are well-known stink-free breeds. Diet, hygiene, and other external factors are the root cause … Read more