New York Cavapoo Puppy Breeders (2024 List)

The great state of New York is a place where dreams come true. If you’ve always dreamed of owning a Cavapoo puppy, you’ll find plenty of reputable breeders across the state’s five boroughs. What are the top New York Cavapoo puppy breeders?

Here are 7 New York Cavapoo puppy breeders to check out:

  • Mulberry Farm Cockapoos
  • Dobralco Cavapoos
  • Cavapoo Kennels of Western New York
  • Luvly Acres Cavaliers
  • Hopeful Dreams Family Puppies
  • River’s Edge Cavapoos
  • Puppy Love New York
Cavapoo puppies in a wooden basket
Cavapoo puppies in a wooden basket.

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7 of New York’s Best Cavapoo Puppy Breeders

In today’s guide, we’ll introduce you to all 7 New York Cavapoo puppy breeders on the list above. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll be ready to choose a Cavapoo puppy breeder and bring home your next pet!

Mulberry Farm Cockapoos

Beginning our list is Mulberry Farm Cockapoos, a Pleasant Valley dog breeder.

Despite the name, Mulberry Farm specializes in more than only Cockapoos but Cavapoos as well.

To breed their adorable Cavapoo puppies, the Mulberry Farm team selects only high-quality Poodles and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

With your purchase of an adorable Cavapoo puppy, the Mulberry Farms team will throw in an extensive puppy startup kit that includes the following items:

  • Flea comb
  • Bandana
  • Tick Key that connects to your keychain
  • Disposable waste bags
  • Customizable ID tag
  • Training pads or pooper-scooper
  • Canvas Mulberry Farm logo tote bag
  • Chew toys
  • Puppy shampoo
  • Pet sweater
  • Vitamins
  • Stain remover
  • Yogurt drops as training treats
  • Brush and steel-toothed comb
  • Nail clipper
  • Dog food
  • Six-foot leash and adjustable collar
  • Dental care kit with a brush and pet toothpaste
  • Dish placemat
  • Food and water dishes, both stainless steel
  • Recovery collar
  • Fleece bed
  • Pet carrier bag
  • Training crate

Your Cavapoo puppy will have everything they need for a successful and happy new life with you.

Mulberry Farm Cockapoos start at $2,500 to $3,500 before you add the 8.25% New York state sales tax. You must put down a deposit of $500, which is non-refundable.

Dobralco Cavapoos

Dobralco Cavapoos in upstate New York is another breeder to have on your radar.

This single-person dog-breeding operation raises Cavapoo puppies in their own home before the dogs meet you and go to their furrever homes.

The puppies are quality dogs that are socialized, fun, friendly, beautiful, and healthy, according to the breeder.

All adult animals that are used for breeding undergo DNA genetic health testing to ensure that the Cavapoo puppies will be born healthy.

Admittedly, there is a year-long waiting list to get a Cavapoo from Dobralco as of this writing, but that means this breeder is popular!

Every Cavapoo is available for $2,500 regardless of gender or coloring. You must put down a $200 deposit, but it is partially refundable.

When Cavapoo puppies are available, those on the waitlist can choose among the pick list, which includes puppies over three weeks old.

Cavapoo Kennels of Western New York

The impetus for Cavapoo Kennels of Western New York was the need for more hypoallergenic canines in the home of the founders, as they’re allergy sufferers.

From there, the Cavapoo Kennels team began breeding more dogs, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Only Cavapoos are available for purchase here. The Cavapoos Kennel team even breeds what they call Cuddle Cavapoos, which are 20-to-50-pound Cavapoos that make the perfect snuggle buddies.

At Cavapoo Kennels of Western New York, your Cavapoo puppy begins receiving training as early as five weeks, including potty training.

Shy puppies receive individualized attention to ensure a good temperament by eight weeks old.

All dogs start on a raw food diet but you’re free to switch your Cavapoo puppy to whichever diet you think suits the dog best.

Cavapoo Kennels of Western New York promises the quality of its puppies for life.

Luvly Acres Cavaliers

For more than 20 years, Luvly Acres Cavaliers has bred Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Cavapoos.

The Stanfordville breeder, which is run by a woman named Judy, raises every dog with lots of love, care, and attention. That’s evident in the great puppies available!

Hopeful Dreams Family Puppies

If your hopeful dreams include a Cavapoo puppy, then perhaps Hopeful Dreams Family Puppies is just the breeder you’ve been looking for.

This Bangor-based breeder is owned and operated by the Martin family. Clinton and Kristina had a Schnoodle that they raised together before getting married. Kristina enjoyed the experience so much that she began raising other dogs.

Those breeds include Bichipoos, Cavapoos, Cockapoos, Goldendoodles, Mal-Shis, Mini Goldendoodles, Poochons, and Shih-Tzus.

The Cavapoo puppies available at this breeder start at $3,500.

River’s Edge Cavapoos

In Lowville, River’s Edge Cavapoos specializes in nothing but Cavapoo puppies.

This family-owned breeder doesn’t have many Cavapoos to offer at any one time, so you can bet that the available dogs will go fast!

You’ll have to join a waiting list if you’re interested in adopting a dog. You’ll also be required to put down a deposit of $250, plus another $250 no later than 24 hours after you select your puppy.

The total deposit price is $500 and is nonrefundable.

The Cavapoo puppies cost $3,500 each.

Upon receiving your deposit, the family at River’s Edge will begin sending you photos and videos of your dog every week including a message that details how much weight the dog has gained and how well they’re developing.

You’ll get a real feel for your Cavapoo puppy so that by the time you bring them home, you’ll know they’re healthy, happy, and ready to live with you and your family!  

Puppy Love New York

In Lyndonville, Puppy Love New York is a licensed and family-owned dog breeder that was established in 2015. They’ve connected dogs with owners not only in New York but across the United States.

The specialty at Puppy Love is purebreds and Poodle mixes, including Bichapoos, Schnoodles, Yorkipoos, Cavapoos, Yorkies, Pugs, Toy Poodles, Bichons, Cavachons, and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

When you purchase a dog through Puppy Love New York, you must first pay a $250 non-refundable deposit.

The payment for your dog must be issued by credit or debit card or cash. There will be an additional 3.5% fee for card payers.

All puppies come with a health guarantee that Puppy Love issues. That health guarantee promises a healthy dog at the time of purchase.

Your Cavapoo will be current on its deworming and shots and will have gotten a clean bill of health from a local veterinarian.

That said, as part of the health guarantee, new Cavapoo puppy owners agree to get their dog seen by their own vet within 72 hours of the purchase.

The health guarantee is good for a year. Your Cavapoo puppy purchase will include medical records, a health certificate from a vet, and registration.

The Benefits of Going to a New York Dog Breeder vs. a Pet Store

The only thing more plentiful than Cavapoo puppy breeders in the state of New York is pet stores selling puppies of all sorts of breeds.

Upon doing a comparison check, the price to buy a puppy at a pet store is usually a lot lower than doing the same through a breeder.

Although it’s tempting to save some dough, choosing a breeder for your next Cavapoo puppy instead of going to a store is the right choice for these reasons.

You Know the Cavapoo’s History

If you ask a pet store about where any of its puppies came from, let alone the Cavapoos, don’t be surprised if you don’t get a clear answer. Most of the time, the stores just don’t know.

This isn’t good for you, as it’s not like your Cavapoo puppy can tell you where it’s been.

Depending on where the dog was living before it arrived at the pet store, your puppy could have been exposed to fleas, ticks, and possibly some dog-spread diseases such as canine influenza or kennel cough.

A breeder can tell you the Cavapoo puppy’s history and will often do so gleefully. After all, the breeder was there the day the Cavapoo puppy was born and took special pride in raising the dog to this point.

If your Cavapoo puppy has been exposed to any conditions that might have caused illnesses or diseases, you’d be the first to know!

You Can Learn About the Cavapoo’s Lineage

If a pet store can’t even tell you where the Cavapoo puppy came from, then good luck learning anything about the dog’s lineage.

Again, this is not information that a breeder will want to hide. Most breeders have pedigreed dogs with strong bloodlines.

Even if you can’t meet the Cavapoo puppy’s parents, you can learn about them and become acquainted with the kind of genes that your new puppy is carrying around.

That’s a good feeling!

You Know the Dog Has Been Well Cared For

Most puppies that breeders raise are grown on farms or in the breeder’s own home, so the dog is well taken care of well before you buy it.

Breeders know that people will want the dogs they raise, so they ensure the dog has a good diet, plenty of toys, comfy conditions, and exercise each day so the dogs grow up healthy and strong.

Pet stores are better for animals than kennels, but not always by a longshot. The dogs are often kept in cages and might not get as much time out to stretch their legs and exercise as they should.

You Get a Health Guarantee

The biggest difference between buying a dog from a pet store versus a breeder is that the latter almost always offers health guarantees and the former rarely if ever do.

A health guarantee is usually only good for a year or two, but in those critical years, it’s nice to know you have that backup!


The state of New York has its fair share of Cavapoo puppy breeders. All are priced about the same, so if you saw a puppy you liked on this list, be sure to hop on the breeder’s waitlist and be patient!

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