Maltipoo Generations Explained: F1, F1b, F1bb, F2, F3, Multigenerational

Have you decided to add a Maltipoo (also known as Moodle) to your family? Are you confused by the terminology breeders throw around regarding generations such as F1, F1b, F1bb, F2, and F3? In this article, we will analyze the meaning of these terms and the difference between all generations. 

white maltipoo playing with a ball outside
Maltipoo playing a ball

Maltipoo Generations – Key Takeaways

F1 Maltipoos are a hybrid between a Poodle and a Maltese, consisting of 50% of each parent genetically.

F1b Maltipoos occur when an F1 and Poodle are crossed, creating a 75% poodle reflected in its coat and temperament, and similarly, F1bb occurs when an F1b is again crossed with a Poodle.

F2 Maltipoos are the offspring of two F1 Maltipoos, and F3 Maltipoos are the offspring of two F2 Maltipoos, making both of them 50% Poodle and 50% Maltese.

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Table of Maltipoo Generations Summarized

TypeParent 1Parent 2Generation
F1 MaltipooPoodleMaltese1st
F1b MaltipooPoodleF1 Maltipoo2nd
F1bb MaltipooPoodleF1b Maltipoo3rd
F2 MaltipooF1 MaltipooF1 Maltipoo2nd
F3 MaltipooF2 MaltipooF2 Maltipoo3rd

What Do ‘F’ and ‘b’ Mean in Maltipoo Generation Labels?

two curly coat maltipoos in different colors
Curly coat Maltipoos in different colors

The easiest way for you to understand what generational terminology means is to understand what each of the different characters and numbers means. 

Let’s start with the first character you usually encounter. “F” stands for filial, a scientific term used in hybrids. It is generally followed by a number, which indicates the generation.

Let’s look at an example. F1 means first filial generation. In other words, it is the first generation of hybrids. If those F1 Maltipoos are crossed, we get to F2, which means the second filial generation.

The next character you would encounter would be a “b” or two of them “bb.” This refers to the backcrossing with a parent breed. In other words, F1b occurs when an F1 Maltipoo is crossed with either a Maltese or a Poodle – though usually a Poodle. An F1bb occurs when an F1b is yet again backcrossed with an initial breed.

Most of the time, you will find that Poodle-hybrids are backcrossed with Poodles. This is largely to get a more Poodle-like coat. Although it is possible to backcross with a Maltese, it is rare enough that, for the sake of this article, you can assume any backcrossing is done with a Poodle. 

Now that you understand the different characters and numbers let’s get into the physical differences between the generations. 

What is an F1 Maltipoo?

white maltipoo outdoors
Maltipoo enjoying the outdoors

An F1 Maltipoo is the first generation. That is the first generation of hybrids created by crossing a Maltese and a Poodle. The F1 Maltipoo is 50% Poodle and 50% Maltese, and this is reflected in their appearance and temperament. 

They can come in a variety of different coat types and sizes depending on the genetic combination of their specific parents.

Why are F1 Maltipoos Popular

The F1 Maltipoo is largely popular because it inherits the best genetics from both parents. This is because of a phenomenon known as hybrid vigor. Essentially, any recessive illnesses are impossible to form. At most, the F1 Maltipoo can be a carrier. 

These first-generation Maltipoos are also likely to be a little bit bigger than one would expect when combining the parents, so if you want a bigger Maltipoo, this is the generation for you. 

They are also popular because litters using the same parents tend to be very similar, meaning that the breeders can easily predict the characteristics of the puppies.

If you want a straight-coated Maltipoo, you are most likely to find one amongst the F1 Maltipoos because of their 50% Maltese genetics.

What is an F1b Maltipoo?

brown curly coat maltipoo wearing a scarf
Curly coat Maltipoo wearing a scarf

An F1b Maltipoo occurs when an F1 Maltipoo has been backcrossed with another Poodle. This can have varying effects on the litter but generally means that they are much more like the Poodle because they are only 25% Maltese and 75% Poodle. 

Everything from their size to their coats can vary greatly, but it also largely depends on the Poodles used in the breeding process.

Why are F1b Maltipoos Popular

F1b Maltipoos are mostly popular because of their Poodle-like coats. The curly coats are more hypoallergenic and shed much less than the straight coats. This means that F1b Maltipoos are a great option for a family with allergies. 

They also have some benefits from hybrid vigor, although it is not nearly as pronounced as it would be in an F1 Maltipoo.

What is an F1bb Maltipoo?

An F1bb Maltipoo occurs when an F1b Maltipoo is again backcrossed with a Poodle. This means that an F1bb Maltipoo is only 12.5% Maltese and an incredible 87.5% Poodle. 

At this point, hybrid vigor provides very little benefit, and new issues start to arise. 

If you are not prepared for the high maintenance that the very curly, Poodle-like fur requires, steer clear of this generation.

Why are F1bb Maltipoos Popular

F1bb Maltipoos are the best Maltipoo generation for those who suffer from extreme allergies but would still like a dog. 

It is important to research beforehand and ask your breeder about any issues the parents may have. This is because of the increased prevalence of recessive diseases again.

They can also vary greatly in size, depending on the Poodles used in breeding them. This can allow you to get really specific about what you are looking for.

What is an F2 Maltipoo?

An F2 Maltipoo is the second generation of Maltipoo. Or a Maltipoo that has been created by breeding with two other F1 Maltipoos. Both parents would have been 50% Maltese and 50% Poodle, making the F2 Maltipoo the same. 

This means that there is very little difference between an F1 and F2 Maltipoo with the exception of hybrid vigor. F2 Maltipoos benefit a lot less, making them smaller at times, although this difference may be negligible. More importantly, they are slightly more prone to recessive diseases. 

Why are F2 Maltipoos Popular

F2 Maltipoos are popular for the same reasons as F1 Maltipoos. They have a great variety of coat textures and sizes depending on the parents’ use. Although they do not benefit from hybrid vigor as much, the advantage is definitely still there in comparison to a purebred Poodle. 

What is a Multigenerational Maltipoo

young white maltipoo
Maltipoo puppy indoors

There are theoretically an infinite amount of combinations that can be formed when creating a Poodle-Maltese hybrid. As long as no other breeds are involved, the offspring can still be called a Maltipoo.

To make matters easier, everything from the third generation onward is categorized as Multigenerational. This includes the F3 Maltipoo. 

If you are looking at a Maltipoo that is being labeled as Multigenerational, this could mean anything. You must ask the breeder and figure out exactly what you are getting. Regardless of what you are looking for, educating yourself and consulting a breeder is the best way to ensure you get the best option for you and your family.

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