Male Vs Female Yorkiepoo: Which is Better?

If you’re looking to bring home an adorable Yorkiepoo puppy you may be deciding between a male and a female. No matter what gender you get, you’re still guaranteed a tiny specimen of a dog. But that being said, which is better? The male or female Yorkiepoo?

Yorkiepoo Close-Up Wearing Jumper

Is a Male or Female Yorkiepoo Better?

Choosing a male or female Yorkiepoo depends on your preference and lifestyle. Both the male and female Yorkiepoos are equally affectionate and sweet. Physically, males are slightly bigger than females. While females are less energetic than males. Factoring in purchase cost and spaying, females may cost more than males.

 Let’s find out more about the difference between male and female Yorkiepoos.

Characteristics of the Male Yorkiepoo

Yorkiepoo Dog With Rope Toy
Yorkiepoo Dog With Rope Toy

There are many misconceptions about the male Yorkiepoo characteristics compared to the female. So, let’s look at a few known characteristics of the male Yorkiepoo.

Male Yorkiepoo Temperament

The Yorkiepoo combines the adoring Poodle and affectionate Yorkie, which only differs slightly between the male and female. Most people assume that the male Yorkiepoo might be more on guard with their affection toward their owner, but this is the opposite.

Male Yorkiepoos are less moody. Like their parent breed, the Yorkshire Terrier, male Yorkiepoos tend to be slightly less moody than their female counterparts. This is even more true regarding Yorkiepoos that have been neutered.

That’s not to say that the female will be snappy and sulking in comparison because this adorable breed is so affectionate. It just means that the male is more likely to constantly be at your side and shower you with affection than the female.

Male Yorkiepoos are equally as intelligent and curious as female Yorkiepoos. Bred from both the Poodle and Yorkshire Terrier gives this adorable little dog an exceptionally high intelligence, but this often leads to stubbornness.

The male might not be as stubborn as the female Yorkiepoo, but ensure that you have him trained as soon as possible. And give him ample opportunity to socialize as a puppy to avoid this stubborn trait.

How Big is the Male Yorkiepoo?

This hybrid breed is known for being exceptionally tiny. The size of your male Yorkiepoo will range between seven to fifteen inches (17 to 38 cm) in height from foot to shoulder and weighs between three to fourteen pounds (1.4 – 6.4 kg). But, of course, this would depend on the size of the Poodle and Yorkie parents, if they were a miniature or toy breed.

Male Yorkiepoo Energy Levels

The Yorkiepoo is naturally energetic, but the male is slightly more active due to the testosterone hormone in that tiny body. So if you need them to calm down, they will naturally start slowing down as they age, but with males, you can have them neutered which will slightly reduce their energy.

Male Yorkiepoo Trainability

The male Yorkiepoo is incredibly bright, but with a high level of intelligence comes a stubborn streak. Thank goodness for the Poodle genes, which make Yorkiepoos eager to please their owners. But the strong-willed nature still shines through every now and again.

Male Yorkiepoos are relatively easy to train if you start them young, at about eight weeks old, to teach them who is in charge. Or else they will think they are running the show.

Do Male Yorkiepoos Eat More?

The male and female Yorkiepoos are roughly the same size, so they eat about the same amount of food. So, if you choose to get a male Yorkiepoo, don’t worry. The little guy will not eat you out of your house and home.

Characteristics of the Female Yorkiepoo

Black and White Yorkiepoo

Female Yorkiepoos are a bundle of adorable energy, focus, affection, and a lot of spunk. Let’s look at the different characteristics of the female Yorkiepoo to see if she would be the best fit for you.  

Female Yorkiepoo Temperament

As mentioned with the male Yorkiepoo, there is a misconception that the male is moodier than the female, but this isn’t true.

Female Yorkiepoos tend to be a bit moodier than males, especially with a female that hasn’t been spayed. The hormones packed into that little body will make them a bit more standoffish sometimes, but never aggressive or hostile. The female is inclined to use her bouts of independence more frequently to go and investigate.

The fun-loving and affectionate traits far outweigh any moodiness that could occur. So just because we say females have more of a tendency to be moody compared to males does not mean they are prone to sulking. They’re way too affectionate for that.

The one thing that might happen more frequently with females is that they’ll be slightly more talkative due to moodiness. So if you’re looking at getting a female Yorkiepoo, they like to talk a lot, so be prepared for some barking. Ensure they have toys for entertainment and mental stimulation to stop barking out of boredom or forming a bad habit.

How Big is the Female Yorkiepoo?

Due to the small size of the Yorkiepoo, there’s barely a size difference between males and females. This will, however, depend on the size of their parents. Whether they were bred from the miniature or toy breeds of Poodle or Yorkie will determine how big they will get.

Female Yorkiepoos also range from seven to fifteen inches (17 to 38 cm) in height from foot to shoulder and weigh between three to fourteen pounds (1.4 – 6.4 kg).

Female Yorkiepoo Energy Levels

Yorkiepoos are a naturally energetic breed, but the females are slightly less active than the male Yorkiepoo because they have less testosterone in their bodies.

They love to go everywhere with you, and you can often find them lying on their owner’s lap.

However, because of the combination of energy and curiosity, they won’t be still for long. So if you choose to spay your Yorkiepoo, this will make for a calmer dog.

Female Yorkiepoo Trainability

We know that the Yorkshire Terrier and the Poodle are incredibly intelligent breeds, and the female Yorkipoo inherits this trait from both parents. With a high level of intelligence, training comes quite easily. Still, a strong, stubborn streak could also make training more difficult, especially if left to an older age.

As soon as the female Yorkiepoo hits eight weeks old, you should start training her. Make sure to make it as fun and engaging as possible to avoid them losing interest and wanting to do their own thing. Also, ensure they are well socialized from as young as possible so that training is even easier.

Do Female Yorkiepoos Eat More?

Female Yorkiepoos eat roughly the same amount of food as male Yorkiepoo due to their sizes being very similar.

Is A Male or Female Yorkiepoo Better For A Retired Person?

The male and the female Yorkiepoo are equally great options for a retired person. Suppose you’re retired and looking for a lovely little companion. The Yorkiepoo will talk to you often and keep you busy. It is still an easily manageable size when it comes to grooming and feeding. In that case, the Yorkiepoo is an incredibly sweet option, regardless of their gender.

Is A Male or Female Yorkiepoo Better For A Smaller House?

Due to their minute size, either a male or female Yorkiepoo would be great for a smaller house. Yorkiepoos only need a little space, so they are great for an apartment or townhouse.

A smaller dog in a small house does not mean they don’t need exercise, so take them out to the park or for a walk frequently to allow them to get out of the house.

Male Vs Female Yorkiepoo Cost

Yorkiepoo Puppy
Yorkiepoo Puppy

When it comes to purchasing a Yorkiepoo puppy, the cost really depends on the breeder you’re purchasing from. A Yorkiepoo puppy can cost you anywhere from $900 – $5000. The male and the female Yorkiepoo puppies usually cost the same price, but some breeders will charge more for females.

Costs can differ between neutering and spaying your male and female Yorkiepoo with female spaying often being more expensive. When I had my female dog spayed, the price was around double the cost to neuter a male. This is because spaying a female dog is more invasive.

If you choose not to spay your female Yorkiepoo, you might have to spend money on canine diapers when they are in heat. And if they fall pregnant, you’ll also be spending more on visits to the vet for a checkup.

Otherwise, dog food bills, annual vet checkups, and grooming fees are the same cost for both female and male Yorkiepoos.

Overall a female Yorkiepoo is more expensive than a male Yorkiepoo.

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