Jackapoo Coat Types And How To Care For Them

So you’ve seen them and it is pretty obvious that the Jackapoo breed is a great mix between the energetic Jack Russel and fun-loving Poodle, but what are the different coat types that a Jackapoo can inherit?

Jackapoo on the rug
Jackapoo on the rug | Credit: Denise and Bruno

What Are the Different Types of Jackapoo Coats?

The Jackapoo breed can inherit several different types of coats because of the mix between the two parents. A Jackapoo can be curly, fluffy, coarse, short, or straight.

Now that we know the different types of coats the Jackapoo can inherit from their parents, another great thing to know is how you care for each of these very different coats. Let’s keep reading to find out how to properly maintain and care for each specific Jackapoo coat.

How to Care For a Curly Jackapoo Coat

This coat most resembles the characteristics of the Poodle parent. The curly coat Jackapoo is considered to be the best hypoallergenic coat out of the different coats among the Jackapoos, although because of the mix in genes it will never be 100% hypoallergenic.

Caring for the curly Jackapoo coat is a bit more low-maintenance than for Poodles. But because of the similarity in the characteristics of the curls, it’s best to brush the curly Jackapoo coat once a day, or every second day, at least, to ensure the hair stays matt free and soft to the touch.

You should give the curly Jackapoo coat a wash frequently to avoid dirt and debris from getting trapped in the coat. Buddy Wash Dog Shampoo is a great shampoo to keep your Jackapoo smelling and looking fresh and clean. It is a 4-in-1 shampoo to make sure that your curly-coated Jackapoo is clean, conditioned, detangled and moisturized.

Jackapoo Sitting in the Garden
Jackapoo Sitting in the Garden l Photo Credit: Louise Hamilton

How to Care For a Straight Jackapoo Coat

The straight-coat Jackapoo is still very similar to the Jack Russell parent. Because of the straight hair, it is still double-layered like that of the Jack Russell terrier and is also one of the easiest coat types to take care of.

Straight-haired Jackapoos do not need regular brushing but it is best to give them a brush at least once a week to keep their coat well maintained, get rid of excess hair that might fall out, and of course, have some well-deserved bonding time with your pet.

F1 Black and White Jackapoo
Jackapoo | Credit: Buddy from Glasgow

How to Care For a Short Jackapoo Coat

The short Jackapoo coat is the most similar to that of the Jack Russell parent. It is also by far the easiest to care for, although it does still require you to do regular vacuuming and sweeping around the house due to the hair fall or short-haired coats.

A short-haired coat means that the Jack Russell parent had the dominant genes. You need to be aware that because of this the Jackapoo coat is double-layered which means that your dog is easier to look after and won’t get cold or overheat as much as other coat types do. This coat does not require much, just a weekly brushing and a bath when dirty, or when needed.

I usually use the Oatmeal Shampoo because it is one of the best if your Jackapoo has a short coat that is similar to the Jack Russell. It has aloe and almond to keep your dog itch-free as it’s great for more sensitive skin; which Jack Russells are prone to.

Black Jackapoo Lying on Side
Black Jackapoo Lying on Side l Photo Credit: Louise Hamilton

How to Care For a Fluffy Jackapoo Coat

Yes, they’re super soft and fluffy. But all that fluff means it comes with a lot to maintain. This Jackapoo coat requires the most care, as it will need regular brushing and washing to maintain the shine and texture of that beautiful coat. This coat is very susceptible to knotting and matting so you need to stay on it when it comes to brushing.

Jackapoo Dog - Looks like a silver Poodle
Jackapoo Dog l Photo Credit: Serena S

How to Care For a Coarse Jackapoo Coat

If your Jackapoo has a coarse coat it means that the Jack Russell parent had a dominant wiry coat. Just because your dog has a coarse texture does not mean that it needs to feel harsh and wiry, but in a very similar fashion to the straight-coated Jackapoo, you should brush and wash your Jackapoo with coarse hair frequently.

You can get away with brushing once every second day with this coat and washing when needed. Make sure to use a shampoo that conditions well to keep the feel of the coarse coat as soft as possible.

Which Jackapoo Coat is the Easiest to Maintain?

The short-haired Jackapoo coat is by far the easiest to maintain. If you have a busy daily schedule that doesn’t make enough time for daily grooming; the short-coated Jackapoo is going to be your best friend.

Its coat doesn’t knot at all because of the length and the double layering will repel dirt and moisture which means they can go longer periods of time without needing a bath unless they’re stinky, then you know it’s always time for a bath.

Which Jackapoo Coat is the Most Difficult to Maintain?

The curly-coated Jackapoo will always be the most difficult to maintain. This does depend on how tight or loose the curls are on the Jackapoo. The denser the curls the easier it is for dirt and debris to get trapped in the coat.

You never want to wait long to get rid of anything you see in the coat because odds are if you leave it for one day, it’s going to be a whole lot tougher to get out the next day. So be diligent and expect to have regular trips to the doggie parlor to keep that coat in prime condition.

What Influences the Different Jackapoo Coats?

The coat of the Jackapoo is influenced directly by its generation and the coat traits of the parents. The first generation Jackapoos are the most difficult to determine what their coats will be like because there is such a big variety of the product. They could either come out more like the poodle or more like the Jack Russell.

If you’re wanting a specific coat type, say if you have more of a sensitivity to dander, then checking for a second-generation Jackapoo with a poodle would be your best way of knowing it’ll be more similar to the poodle coat.

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