Is A Male or Female Jackapoo Better?

The Jackapoo breed is a type of dog that will really jump straight into being your best friend. They’re fun, they’re friendly, and come in many different variations with personality and looks. But when looking at getting your furry friend, which is better to get, a male or female Jackapoo?

Jackapoo Dog - Looks like a silver Poodle
Fluffy Gray Jackapoo | Photo Credit: Serena S

Whether you should get a male or female Jackapoo really depends on your personal preference, your lifestyle, and, your energy levels. Here are some of the differences between the male and the female Jackapoo:

 Male JackapooFemale Jackapoo
HeightSlightly bigger (depending on parents) +/- 10 – 16 inchesSlightly smaller (depending on parents) +/- 10 – 16 inches
Weight+/- 13-25 pounds+/- 13-25 pounds
EnergySlightly Higher EnergySlightly Less Energy

There aren’t too many differences between the male and female Jackapoo but keep reading to see which one would be better for you as a Jackapoo owner. There are some things you will need to consider when choosing between getting a male or a female Jackapoo dog.

What Are the Characteristics of the Male Jackapoo?

What is the Male Jackapoo Temperament Like?

The male Jackapoo has a friendly, determined, fun, and sometimes stubborn temperament because of the mix of the fun-loving and intelligent Poodle and the energetic and dedicated Jack Russell. That being said there is no real difference between the temperament of the male and female Jackapoo, but this will vary in each dog.

Jackapoos can be great with children, but they need to be trained or they could come across as a bit too cheeky for young children to handle.

How Big is the Male Jackapoo?

The Jackapoo, being a mix between the Jack Russell and usually a miniature poodle, is quite a small-to-medium-size dog breed.

The male Jackapoo is not much bigger than the female. So if the deciding factor between getting a male or female Jackapoo is its size this won’t be a problem because neither take up much space in the house. This will, however, heavily depend on the size of the parents of the Jackapoo.

Typically, the make Jackapoo can weigh approximately 13-25 pounds and grow to a height of 16 inches tall.

How Energetic is the Male Jackapoo?

The Jackapoo has a naturally friendly and energetic personality, because of the combination of the fun-loving poodle and the energetic Jack Russell. Yes, the male may be quite small in stature but there is a lot of energy that’s bubbling in this little dog.

Male dogs tend to have a lot more energy due to testosterone, so it needs to be said that if you want to have a male Jackapoo you need to be prepared to give them daily exercise for at least 1 hour a day and keep them mentally stimulated.

Jackapoos are extremely good at playing flyball and this can keep them stimulated.

The Jackapoo does tend to bark and dig holes when bored, so if you want a garden at the end of the working day it’s good to have something like a treat dispensing ball like this one to keep them preoccupied.

F1 Male Jackapoo Standing Outside on the Grass
Jackapoo | Credit: Denise and Bruno

Is the Male Jackapoo Easy to Train?

The mix between the Poodle and the Jack Russell means that the Jackapoo inherits the mixture of the intelligence of the Poodle and the hard-working personality of the Jack Russell can make for a really intelligent but sometimes extremely stubborn dog. You need to have your dog start training from 8 weeks old to avoid a headstrong pup that wants to do its own thing.

The energy levels from the testosterone in the male Jackapoo means they may be slightly harder to train than the female Jackapoo, but if you train from the correct age because of their intelligence and ability to work hard they are quite easy to train.

Do Male Jackapoos Eat More?

Once again this is dependent on the size of the parents, which determines how much your male Jackapoo will eat, but because the size between the male and female Jackapoo are similar he won’t eat much more than the female.

The Jackapoo breed does tend to pick up weight quickly and are very-fast eaters, so don’t let this deceive you into feeding them more than they should be eating in a day and avoid obesity. A male Jackapoo should have 1 adult dog portion of food twice a day.

What Are the Characteristics of the Female Jackapoo?

What is the Female Jackapoo Temperament Like?

The female Jackapoo is just as friendly, fun, and helpful as the male Jackapoo so there isn’t a noticeable difference between the temperament of the male and female Jackapoo, but this will vary in each dog as each has their personality.

The female JAckapoo can be a little bit more cheeky around young children than the male and so they need to be well-trained from a young age to not scare or nip at young children.

How Big is the Female Jackapoo?

The female Jackapoo is not significantly smaller than the male Jackapoo and already considering they are a relatively small species, there is not a noticeable difference between the two. Once again, the determining factor will be influenced by the size of the parents. If you want a small female, then make sure the parents are miniature breeds of Jack Russell and Poodle, and vice versa.

Typically the female also can weigh approximately 13-25 pounds and grow to a height of 16 inches tall, so there is no significant difference in size between the male and the female Jackapoo.

How Energetic is the Female Jackapoo?

Because the Jackapoo is a naturally high-energy dog in comparison to other dog breeds, it does have a bit less energy than the male Jackapoo, and this is purely because the female doesn’t have as much testosterone.

But don’t let that fool you, the female still has a lot of energy. She will still need daily exercise for at least 1 hour a day and give her activities to keep her from getting bored. Just like the male, she will tend to bark and dig holes in the yard if she gets bored.

Is the Female Jackapoo Easy to Train?

Because of the high intelligence level inherited from the Poodle, and the hard-working nature of the Jack Russell, the female Jackapoo can be a wonder to train.

But she needs to be trained at the appropriate age to avoid that strong-willed temperament from taking over your household and letting her do whatever she wants. At least, because of the lower levels of testosterone in the female Jackapoo, she will be significantly easier to train than the male Jackapoo.

Both the male and female Jackapoo are barkers and diggers in their nature, thanks to their Jack Russell nature. So the sooner you have them trained the more chance you will have of being able to maintain the yard and not have too many holes. Whether you have a male or female Jackapoo, when it comes to training them, you will need to have a lot of patience.

Does a Female Jackapoos Eat More?

Because there isn’t a difference in the size between the male and female Jackapoo, she will only need to eat 1 appropriate portion of a small-medium adult dog food twice a day. Yes, she will eat just as fast as the male Jackapoo because they are naturally fast eaters, so take care not to overfeed her and avoid unnecessary weight gain.

A great item to get your Jackapoo to avoid them eating too fast is getting a slow feeder bowl like this one to mentally stimulate your pooch and also get them to eat a little bit slower. I have used this with my dogs and I have seen a significant change in how long it takes them to finish their food, and in turn, this is a lot better for their digestive system.

Is A Male or Female Jackapoo Better For A Retired Person?

F1 Black Male Jackapoo Lying on Dog Bed
Jackapoo | Credit: Buddy from Glasgow

The Jackapoo breed naturally has a lot of energy and so they require a lot of exercise and activities to keep them stimulated and not cause trouble. If you are in the golden years of your life and would like to get a Jackapoo, then getting a female will be your best bet.

They’re a helpful, playful, and friendly breed but the female Jackapoo, being a little more relaxed naturally than the male might make them easier to manage for an elderly person.

Is A Male or Female Jackapoo Better For A Smaller House?

F1 Jackapoo on the bed
Jackapoo | Credit: Denise and Bruno

The benefit of having a Jackapoo is that being a smaller breed, they don’t take up too much space and they don’t need a huge yard. But they are extremely energetic little dogs, especially the male Jackapoo, and so if you only have a small amount of space it would be better to have a female Jackapoo because they are a bit calmer than the male. A tiny bit.

That being said, it is still necessary to make sure that they can go out at least once a day to get rid of some energy and have enough stimulation.

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