The Pros and Cons of a Goldendoodle’s Temperament

Some people call Goldendoodles the perfect family pet. But, are they really? What is the temperament of the Goldendoodle like? What problems might you encounter? Let’s look at all of this to determine if a Goldendoodle really is the perfect pet for your family.

Goldendoodle Lying on the Grass
Goldendoodle Lying on the Grass

Goldendoodles are very energetic dogs that interact well with other pets and young children. But if you are going to leave them alone for long periods of time they may become very anxious and vocal.

Let’s find out more.

Goldendoodle Temperament Pros

Goldendoodle - Golden Retriever Poodle Cross Dog

Let’s start by looking at some of the characteristics of the Goldendoodle that might be seen as positive by most people. Even though these are listed as positive, they may not be suitable for your lifestyle.

They may also not be portrayed in every Goldendoodle.

1. Friendly with Strangers

Goldendoodles are very friendly with strangers most of the time. They don’t mind too much when people come up to them at dog parks and try to pat them, and many of them do not mind when strangers come into their homes.

New people are often met with a wagging tail and a couple of friendly licks.

2. Affectionate

Goldendoodles are pretty cuddly dogs. They love to get attention from their owners and they are willing to give just as much back, if not more. They always want to be with their humans and they just adore being touched or interacted with.

3. Patient with Kids

Goldendoodles can be very patient with kids. Despite their energetic nature, they may be calm when it is required of them, provided that they have had sufficient training and exercise.

They generally deal quite well with mild tugging of their fur as well.

Make sure that you keep an eye on any interactions between pets and children at all times though. No matter how patient the Goldendoodle is, they may bite if they are seriously hurt.

4. Love Other Animals

Two Goldendoodle Dogs Together
Two Goldendoodle Dogs Together

Goldendoodles interact very well with other animals. This includes both dogs and cats.

They tend to enjoy the company of other pets and will interact and play nicely with them.

The reasons why Goldendoodles get along with other animals so well can be attributed to their lower prey drive.

Even though this is the case, many dogs instinctively chase after anything that is running away from them. If you have a cat that may be wary of the Goldendoodle and likely to bolt, it may still run after it.

5. Very Clever and Trainable

Goldendoodles are extremely intelligent, as with most other Poodle-hybrids. To add to that, they are very eager to please. This makes them very trainable.

They respond well to positive enforcement, as well as to reward-based training; both food and toys.

That doesn’t mean that they train themselves, or that you will not have to put in any effort. But, it makes them ideal for first-time dog owners who may not manage with a stubborn dog.

They are also ideal for children or young teens, who may find training other animals frustrating due to a lack of results.

6. Playful

Goldendoodles are very playful. They love to play active games outside, such as fetch. But, you will probably find that they will play with anything, anywhere.

Other dogs, items of clothing that missed the laundry basket, and even homework is all fair game to the Goldendoodle!

Goldendoodle Temperament Cons

Now, let’s look at some of the negative aspects of Goldendoodle’s temperament. You may notice that some of these are very closely related to their positive characteristics. In my experience, this is the case for most dogs.

1. Easily Anxious if Left Alone

The attention-seeking, people-loving Goldendoodle does not do well when it is left on its own.

It induces a great amount of stress, particularly when the Goldendoodle has not had a large amount of exercise before it is left, or if it is alone for more than a few hours.

This stress can lead to separation anxiety. By itself, this can cause a host of problems such as depression and noise. But, there is a myriad of health issues that may present after long periods of anxiety too.

2. Destructive if Bored

Their intelligent nature has a downside too. Goldendoodles can get bored. This, in combination with their very energetic nature, means that they are likely to become destructive.

If you leave your dog indoors for long periods of time, prepare to have the legs of your dining room table gnawed away, and the stuffing pulled out of your couch cushions.

Some of this damage can get very expensive, and it can be bad for the dog too. So, consider getting some toys your dog can play with when you’re not there.

3. Territorial

Goldendoodles are sometimes territorial. They may not mind interacting with strangers, but when they try to come into your home it may be a different story.

Of course, each Goldendoodle differs, so this may not be the case for some. But, be prepared to have some noise at your door if someone walks by too close to it.

4. Vocal

Goldendoodles can be vocal if it is not trained out of them soon enough. Their barks can also be very loud.

This all adds up to an inconvenient situation if you live in an apartment, or if your neighborhood has strict rules about noise.

Improving Goldendoodle’s Temperament

Tan mini Goldendoodle standing
Goldendoodle Puppy standing

Early Socialization and Training

In most cases, any behavioral issues that your Goldendoodle may have as a puppy can be addressed with enough early socialization and training.

Sometimes, this is not necessarily possible. Some examples of this include if you were to adopt an older Goldendoodle from a shelter.

In cases like this, just doing as much socialization and training as you can, and as soon as you can, is the key.

Check for Health Issues

If you notice a sudden change in the temperament of your Goldendoodle, it’s best to go to the vet for a check-up.

Goldendoodles are prone to a variety of different health conditions which may affect the way they interact with their surroundings. One example is blindness.

If your Goldendoodle suddenly starts having issues seeing, it may start acting very skittish, and may growl because of this uncertainty.

Additionally, the sudden barking may be your Goldendoodle’s attempt to let you know that they are in pain.

Buy From a Reputable Breeder

Curly Coat Goldendoodle Puppy
Curly Coat Goldendoodle Puppy

If you do not have a Goldendoodle yet, then one of the best ways that you can ensure that you get one with a relatively good temperament is to speak to a reputable breeder.

This is because they will put in the added effort of interacting with the puppies in such a way that they start getting them used to regular home life. These early interactions can greatly influence the way that a dog acts throughout the rest of its life.

The breeders will also notice small differences between the puppies and recommend one that they think is the best fit for you.

When I purchased my puppy I was grateful to have advice from the breeder and her ongoing support. This was especially important during the initial settling-in period which can be a really big adjustment for a new puppy and everyone else in the household.

Do Goldendoodles Make Good Family Pets?

The short answer to this is yes! Goldendoodles make great family pets. They get along well with the entire family, including children and pets. If your kids are bringing guests in and out of the house often, you will not have to be worried about the dog not interacting well with new people.

And, on top of that, Goldendoodles will smother your entire family with love.

Just make sure that you are prepared to put in a large amount of time ensuring that your Goldendoodle is cared for correctly. This includes daily exercise and training. If you neglect these jobs, your Goldendoodle may start to develop negative characteristics, no matter how friendly it is bred to be.

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