Do Jackapoos Bark A Lot? Answered!

Jackapoo dogs are an incredible combination of energetic, fun, and protective qualities. As fun and lovable as these qualities are between the mix of Poodle and Jack Russell, we have to know, do Jackapoos bark a lot? Let’s find out.

Black Jackapoo
Jackapoo – Photo Credit: Louise Hamilton

If you thought a Jackapoo would be a calm and quiet addition to the family, I’d say you’d be barking up the wrong tree!

Jackapoos love to bark. Because of their high energy, high prey drive, and protective nature they are not a quiet breed. The need to bark a lot was inherited from the Jack Russell Terrier genes.

The benefit of a Jackapoo barking a lot is that you won’t have to worry about your security system failing you. But barking can be incredibly annoying, just ask the neighbors. So what can we do to stop our Jackapoos from barking?

Understand Why Jackapoos Bark

Jackapoo Dog - Looks like a silver Poodle
Jackapoo – Photo Credit: Serena S

Jack Russell Terriers were bred to hunt and protect, and that’s a major reason why they bark so much. But excessive barking is unnecessary and needs to be stopped to discourage bad behavior. But to be able to fix the problem, you first need to find the source of what triggers your Jackapoo’s barking. So, let’s look at some reasons why Jackapoos bark so much:

Lack of  Attention

Jackapoos pay a lot of attention to everything and, like all dogs, your Jackapoo needs a sufficient amount of attention from you in return. Nothing allows them to thrive as much as knowing you adore them, and vice versa, nothing can drive them as wild as when they feel ignored. Jackapoos will bark a lot more frequently when they haven’t had attention.

Separation Anxiety

Because of the affectionate and clingy nature of the Poodle, Jackaspoos can experience separation anxiety when their owners aren’t around. Separation anxiety is when your dog feels stressed when they’re apart from you. This means that every time you leave the house, it can trigger barking. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a few minutes or a few days, Jackapoos love their humans and need to be around them and they’ll let you know by barking.

Lack of  Exercise

Jackapoos have an energy supply that never seems to run dry. If they’re not getting rid of that energy in a constructive way, then that pent-up energy can be spent barking at anything and everything.

Extremely Protective

Your small but vigilant Jackapoo will probably pick up any perimeter breaches before any alarm will. Any house with a Jackapoo is well protected, especially from squirrels and other small creatures.

A High Prey Drive

Your little Jackapoo is the result of generations of companions, protectors, and hunters. No matter how hard you train them, there will always be an innate drive to want to chase and bark at any small creature that comes within their territory.

How To Stop Your Jackapoo From Barking

Jackapoo sitting on grass outside
Jackapoo | Credit: Denise and Bruno

Give Jackapoos Lots of Exercise

To stop your Jackapoo from barking is to make sure that they are receiving a good amount of exercise. These energetic little pooches need to get rid of their energy in a constructive way or it will result in annoying barking.

It’s usually quite fun and entertaining for both of you as they exercise. A Jackapoo generally requires about an hour of exercise a day, depending on its age. This doesn’t just mean walks or jogging, you can be creative with exercise time. Here are some fun activities to try:

  • Play fetch
  • Play nose work games
  • Take them to the park
  • Play hide and seek
  • Go swimming
  • Agility training

Reducing Jackapoo Separation Anxiety

While it might not be the most destructive behavior, barking is incredibly annoying. But just because your Jackapoo has separation anxiety does not mean you have to stop everything and stay at home every day to prevent barking fits. Here are some things you can do to help relieve your Jackapoo’s stress:

  • Visit your vet – Get a diagnosis and professional treatment plan to help your furry friend.
  • Establish a consistent and predictable routine – Jackapoos thrive with a consistent routine, where they can predict when their owners will be around and what they need to do at different times of the day.
  • Gradually spend more time away – When your Jackapoo gets used to the routine, make sure to include the time when you’re apart from you and other members of the household. Don’t expect them to be fine when they’ve been used to having people around all day, and then being alone for hours on end.
  • Have toys and treats available – When you’re away from your Jackapoo, make sure to leave their favorite toys or different treats to keep them preoccupied.

Give Jackapoos Attention

F1 Black Jackapoo Puppy
Jackapoo | Credit: Buddy from Glasgow

All members of the house need attention, especially your Jackapoo. Quality time, and treats, are the way to a Jackapoos heart. If they’re not getting enough attention, they’ll get it through means of barking, chewing, or digging…but especially barking.

Even if your schedule is chaotic, or you’re working multiple jobs, your Jackapoo still needs to know that they’re loved and have your attention. So take a good few minutes out of your day to spend time with them.

Provide Jackapoos with a Safe and Stimulating Environment

Jackapoos are brilliant at guarding the house. As soon as anything is out of the ordinary within the house or yard, your Jackapoo will let you know with its high-pitched bark. So a good way to minimize barking is to make sure they feel safe in their environment.

But sometimes their protective skills go on overdrive and they need to be kept distracted from neighborhood noises. My dog barks when she hears the postman, a child using his scooter on the outside footpath or most distracting of all, another dog walks by the house!

So it’s a good idea to have different chew toys and dog puzzles around the home to keep them preoccupied and stop the barking.

My personal favorite chew toy to keep my dog entertained is the Kong. Simply fill it with snacks, and it’ll keep your Jackapoo entertained for hours as they try to get to the good stuff. It’s also incredibly durable, so you won’t need to be constantly replacing it.

Use the ‘Stop’ Command

If your Jackapoo is barking you need to let them know that it’s not acceptable and show them your disapproval verbally. As soon as they begin to bark use the ‘stop’ command.

It’s important to use a firm and low-pitched tone at a low volume when getting them to stop barking. It shows authority. If your voice sounds panicked and high pitched this will put them on higher alert and only create more reason to bark.

If they bark outside, bring them inside for approximately 10 minutes to have them calm down. Once this cool-down period is over, they can go out again, but if they persist, repeat the process.

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