Do Cavapoo Puppies Start With Straight Hair?

If you have ever gone Cavapoo shopping, you will notice that not all Cavapoo pups look alike. Cavapoo (also called Cavoodle) puppies come in various colors and coat types, and their puppy coat, although usually soft and fluffy, is not guaranteed to remain through adulthood. In this article, I set out to answer whether cavapoo puppies start with straight hair. Read on to find out more.

Cavapoo Puppy - Are All Cavapoo Dogs Born with Straight Hair

Is a Cavapoo Puppy’s Coat Always Straight?

When a cavapoo puppy is born, their coats are generally very short and often straight. Though even at birth, some Cavapoo pups will have a slight wave to indicate a curly coat will develop. Especially those bred back to Poodles (more on generations below).

As the Cavapoo puppy reaches 6-8 weeks, many experienced breeders will have an indication as to whether the coat will be straight or curly. However, as a mixed breed dog, the degree of wave or curl is hard to predict.

A Cavapoo is a mixed dog breed that inherits its shape, size, color, and coat characteristics from its Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle parents. The percentage of Cavalier or Poodle in your pup’s genes will go a long way in determining whether your Cavapoo will have a straight, wavy, or curly coat.

Will Your Cavapoo Puppy’s Coat Remain the Same into Adulthood?

Cavapoo Puppies Together - Are All Cavapoo Dogs Born with Straight Hair

Your Cavapoo pup’s coat is not a reflection of what they will look like as an adult. It is tough to predict what your Cavapoo puppy’s coat will look like in adulthood. Some experienced breeders may insist they can provide a reasonable prediction after two months, but these will still be speculations.

Your Cavapoo’ s coat starts off fluffy, soft, and cotton wool-like. The coat is usually straighter than what you would find in your everyday adult Cavapoo coat. Changes to your Cavapoo puppy’s coat will begin to occur around the age of 6 to 8 months when their puppy coat begins to shed as their adult coat develops slowly. This process will continue until your Cavapoo is around two or three years of age.

What do Genes Have to do With a Cavapoos Coat Types?

Once the adult coat grows, your Cavapoo’s genes will start to present, and you may notice signs of a curl or wave. A slight wave can develop into a curly coat when matured.

Cavalier Dominant Genes Result in Straighter Coat

Straight Hair Cavapoo Puppy - Are All Cavapoo Dogs Born with Straight Hair

You can expect a straighter, longer coat if your Cavapoo genes lean towards the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. This coat type, although straighter, will usually still have a slight wave to it and will be more prone to shedding. This straighter coat type can have a slight wave and has been known to resemble the coat of a long-haired terrier.  

Poodle Dominant Genes Result in Curlier Coats

Litter of Puppies - Are All Cavapoo Dogs Born with Straight Hair

On the other hand, if your Cavapoo has inherited traits from their Poodle parent, they will present a shorter curlier coat that rarely sheds. The higher the percentage of Poodle in your pup, the more likely you will have a Cavapoo with woolly tighter curls.

Nevertheless, there are a variety of Poodle and Cavalier King Spaniel breeding standards and combinations. Crossbreeding can never guarantee a specific appearance. Controlled crossbreeding, backcross breeding, and multigenerational breeding will return different results but can usually provide an estimated appearance of your pup as an adult.  

Know Your Cavapoo Generation to Help Determine Coat Type

If you want a better indication of your Cavapoo puppy’s appearance in adulthood, it is best to do your homework and know your Cavapoo generation and breeding lingo. It can get confusing when looking at the hereditary makeup of your Cavapoo with all the F’s, B’s, and percentages. Here is a breakdown for you.  

F1 Cavapoo

This refers to a first-generation Cavapoo and is the most sold Cavapoo amongst breeders. The parents are purebred Poodle and a purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, resulting in a Cavapoo that is 50% Cavalier and 50% Poodle.

Due to the 50 / 50 split, your Cavapoo’s appearance can vary significantly, and your Cavapoo’s adult coat could be straight, curly, or wavy depending on which genes took preference. If you want a better idea of your pup’s appearance in adulthood, the F1 Cavapoo may not be the generation type to choose.  

F1B Cavapoo

One of the most popular Cavapoo generation types. The Cavapoo’s parents are an F1 Cavapoo and either a purebred 100% Poodle or purebred 100% Cavalier King Spaniel. Most breeders backcross breed with Poodles instead of Cavaliers due to their non-shedding, allergy-friendly properties. This results in a mix of 25% Cavalier and 75% Poodle.

If you are looking for a curlier-coated or more wavy-coated Cavapoo, choosing an F1B would increase your chances.

F1BB Cavapoo

The double B in the name refers to a secondary backcross as this Cavapoo generation is a cross between an F1B Cavapoo and a purebred Poodle or Cavalier. As with the F1B, most breeders choose the purebred Poodle instead of the Cavalier due to their non-shed benefits. This generation of Cavapoo will also have a higher probability of ending up with a curly or wavy coat.

F2 Cavapoo

The F2 Cavapoo’s parents are both F1 Cavapoos. The F2 Cavapoo generation type has the same 50 / 50 split between Poodle and Cavalier as the F1 Cavapoo generation, making it equally difficult to predict coat type the likelihood of any shedding.

F2B Cavapoo

The F2B Cavapoo’s parents are an F1 Cavapoo and an F1B Cavapoo resulting in a mix where the Poodle gene is approximately two times more pronounced than the Cavalier gene, usually resulting in a curlier coat in adulthood.

F2BB Cavapoo

If you want curly, then the F2BB Cavapoo is your best bet. This multi-generational Cavapoo type is highly likely to end up with a curly coat due to the high percentage of Poodle gene in the breed mix. The parents of the F2BB are the F2B Cavapoo and the purebred Poodle making the Poodle’s genetic percentage approximately four times more than the Cavaliers.

F3 Cavapoo

This is a true multi-generational Cavapoo. The F3 Cavapoo usually has a higher percentage of the Poodle gene, but the coat is less predictable and can be either slightly wavy or very curly. This generation of Cavapoo will consist of several Cavapoo generations. If important to you, request the exact generation mix from your breeder when purchasing your pup.

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Is There a Better Cavapoo Generation Type?

Which Generation Cavapoo - Are Cavapoos Born with Straight Hair

Typically, Poodle dominant Cavapoo generations such as the F1B, F1BB, and F2B types are most popular due to their reduced shedding and allergy benefits.

If you are looking for a curly or wavy coated Cavapoo, then look for a responsible breeder who breeds Cavapoos with a higher ratio of the Poodle gene. If you are looking for a Cavapoo with a straighter coat, you will need to look for a dominant Cavalier breed such as the F1 or F2-generation Cavapoo.

Bear in mind that although your Cavapoo’s parents will give you an indication of coat type, there is always the possibility of your pup ending up with an unforeseen coat type in adulthood. Much the same as humans, parents’ traits will not inevitably be passed on to their offspring.  

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