Understanding the Barking Habits of Goldendoodles

Goldendoodle Dog Golden Retriever Poodle Cross

Sometimes, it seems almost impossible to stop your dog from barking if that is what it has set its mind to. If you are considering a Goldendoodle, you might be wondering if you will have to answer angry phone calls from neighbors or spend many nights without sleep because there is a cat crying several … Read more

Why Puppy Is Digging at the Water Bowl (And How to Stop It)

A cute puppy digging at water bowl.

You know that if your puppy isn’t by your side, you’ll find them in one reliable spot, in the kitchen by their water bowl. You’re confounded about why your dog is always digging at the bowl. What’s going on here? Here are some reasons your puppy is digging at the water bowl: They see their … Read more

Why Dog Is Scratching Walls (5 Tips to Stop Scratching)

Black Cavapoo lying on a mat in front of the door with scratches.

We were inspired to write this article after getting mad at our dog for scratching the walls of our house. You may have noticed more and more that the walls in your home have scratch marks. And just like us, you think your dog is to blame too. They’re chipping away at the paint or … Read more

Are Cavapoos Easy to Train? (Plus Training Tips)

Training a Cavapoo puppy.

You’re thinking of adopting a sweet Cavapoo, but you admittedly don’t have the most time to dedicate to training the dog. You’d like it if your dog could learn quickly. Are Cavapoos easy to train? Cavapoos are considered highly trainable and quite intelligent, so learning should come easily. This crossbreed prefers your gentle guidance as … Read more

Do Cavapoos Like Long Walks? Answered!

Walking With Cavapoo Cavoodle - Do Cavapoos Like Long Walks

Cavapoos are always up for a walk or hike, but what distances do they enjoy walking? Before taking your furry friend out for a walk, are there any points to consider, and what alternate exercise options are available? Find all you need to know about Cavapoo dog walking and how to ensure walking remains a … Read more

How to Get Your Puppy to Sleep Past 6 am: Answered!

Puppy Asleep - How to Get Your Puppy To Sleep Past 6am

Do you have a new puppy that just won’t sleep past 6 am? Are you struggling to get more rest because of your little bundle of energy? You’re not alone! In this article, we will provide you with a definitive guide on how to get your puppy to sleep longer in the morning. We will … Read more

How to Crate Train Your Cavapoo Puppy

How to Crate Train Cavapoo Puppy - Cavoodle

There are many benefits to crate training your Cavapoo puppy (also called Cavoodle) including house training and providing your puppy a safe place to sleep and relax on their own. So read on to find out how to get started in crate training your Cavapoo puppy. Crate training a Cavapoo puppy has the benefit of … Read more