Cavapoo Dog Bed Size Guide (Puppy to Fully-Grown)

Puppy in a Comfortable Bed - How to Get Your Puppy To Sleep Past 6am

The assortment of online and in-store dog beds can make it hard for Cavapoo owners to make the right choice. Should a puppy Cavapoo have a different bed than a more senior Cavapoo, and should size affect your dog bed selection? Find all the answers here. Considering your Cavapoo’s age, size, weight, and personality when … Read more

Can I Take My Cavapoo Hiking? Answered!

Walking Through a Forest - Can I Take My Cavapoo Cavoodle Hiking

A Cavapoo dog can be the perfect hiking companion. Preparing, training, and respecting your Cavapoo’s (Cavaoodle’s) limitations are key to enjoying a lifetime of tail-wagging treks. The unlimited mental and physical benefits of hiking are equally valuable to both owner and Cavapoo. Cavapoo Hiking Limitations Cavapoos are suited to outdoor pursuits due to their boundless … Read more