What Health Problems Do Jackapoos Have? Answered!


Jackapoos are relatively low-maintenance dogs. But just like all of our furry friends, there are some health problems that we need to be aware of to give them as happy and long a life as we can possibly provide for them. Jackapoos are susceptible to the following health problems: The Jackapoo mix aims to get … Read more

Signs You’re Overfeeding Your Dog

overweight pug

Your dog has a rather voracious appetite if you do say so yourself. You try to satiate them, but if your pup or dog isn’t happy with the amount they’re being fed, they give you sad puppy-dog eyes until you refill their food bowl. You worry you might be overfeeding them, but how do you … Read more

How Much Exercise Does a Schnoodle Need? Answered!

schnoodle dog sitting in the field

Schnoodles, a mix of a Poodle and a Schnauzer, are becoming increasingly popular. But, since both parents are working breeds, it is only natural to wonder how much exercise they would need in order to lead happy, healthy lives. So, how much exercise does a Schnoodle need? Most adult Schnoodles need between 30 and 60 … Read more

Do Aussiedoodles Like Swimming? Answered!

Aussiedoodle swimming and playingfetch

Before getting a dog it is important to consider whether it suits your home environment and lifestyle. Water and water sports are only one of many areas that you need to consider. So, do Aussiedoodles like swimming? All Aussiedoodles are different. Your Aussiedoodle is more likely to enjoy spending time in the water if it … Read more

How Much Exercise Does A Jackapoo Need?

Jackpoo lying down with his ball

One of the keys to keeping your Jackapoo healthy and happy is making sure they’re getting enough exercise. Believe me, if you don’t exercise that little ball of energy enough, you’re going to soon find out why you need to. But how much exercise does a Jackapoo need? The Jackapoo is a very energetic dog … Read more

Are Aussiedoodles Protective: Do They Make Good Guard Dogs?

Black Aussiedoodle Dog

A lot of people get dogs because they need protection, or want their family protected. Aussiedoodles are great family dogs because of their trainability and the fact that they are more hypoallergenic than other dogs. But, are Aussiedoodles protective if they need to be? Do they make good guard dogs? Larger Aussiedoodles can appear quite … Read more

Is It Dangerous If a Dog Swallows a Human Tooth?

Dog with mouth wide open

Loose teeth tend to accumulate when you have young children. Perhaps you were preparing a tooth for the tooth fairy when you turned around and saw your dog got the tooth. Then they swallowed it. Should you be concerned? Is the presence of the tooth in your dog’s system dangerous? A dog swallowing a human … Read more

8 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool on Hot Summer Nights

Dog enjoying the air in front of the electric fan.

The dog days of summer are upon us (no pun intended), and even at night, there’s no relief from the heat. Your poor dog pants day and night and isn’t sleeping well. How can you cool them down when the sun sets? Here are some methods for keeping your dog cool on hot summer nights: … Read more

Do Dogs Get Sad Changing Owners Or Being Rehomed?

dog and owner being affectionate

Your dog was indeed your best friend, and although you thought you wouldn’t part until your dog left this earth, you’ve had to rehome your pet. Will your dog miss you as they adjust to their new owner and home, or will they be alright? Dogs are aware of the bonds they share with their … Read more

My Dog Ate My Dentures (False Teeth) | Is The Dog OK?

Veterinarian examining a dog

You usually keep your dentures in a closed container, but last night, you were tired and forgot. As a consequence, your dog ran off with your dentures. Then they swallowed them. Is your dog okay? If your dog eats your dentures, you need to take your dog to the veterinarian’s office immediately. Should your dog … Read more