Cockapoo Temperament Guide: Cocker Spaniel Poodle Mix

Cockapoo Standing in a Park

If you are considering a Cockapoo, or a Poodle and Cocker Spaniel mix, then you’ve probably heard a lot of breeders mention their temperament, rather than appearance. This is because many people will combine these dogs with the purpose of getting specific personality traits in the puppies. Cockapoos are a very friendly and energetic dog … Read more

Cockapoo Vs. Cavapoo: Differences Explained

Cockapoo vs. Cavapoo

It can be easy to get the Cockapoo, and Cavapoo dog breeds confused. Both are fantastically popular hybrid breeds, and although they share several similarities, there are a few essential distinctions one should be aware of. Cockapoo vs. Cavapoo Cockapoos and Cavapoos make excellent companion dogs. Educating yourself on their differences will help you make … Read more

Is A Male or Female Cockapoo Better?

White cockapoo looking up to its owner

If you have tried picking out the perfect Cockapoo puppy from a litter, you will be familiar with how exceptionally hard it is. Choosing between a male or female can be equally tricky. But is one Cockapoo gender better than another? Male Vs Female Cockapoo – Which Gender is Better? Male or female, your Cockapoo’s … Read more