Are Cavapoos (Cavoodle) Good Guard or Watchdogs?

A Cavapoo barking in the backyard along the fence.

Perhaps part of your reasoning when adopting a dog isn’t solely to have a fuzzy companion but a protector as well. Your family had its heart set on a Cavapoo though, so that’s what you got. Do Cavapoos make good guard dogs? What about watchdogs? Cavapoos, also known as Cavoodles, are extremely friendly and not … Read more

Are Cavapoos High-Maintenance?

Cavapoo getting a hair cut

High-maintenance dogs–like high-maintenance people–are often deemed more trouble than they’re worth. You’ve heard that Cavapoos are rather high-maintenance pooches, which has admittedly made you hold off from adopting or buying one. Is the Cavapoo really that high-maintenance? Cavapoos are high-maintenance in some ways and less so in others. For example, the dog needs daily grooming … Read more

What Size Dog Bowl For A Cavapoo

Brown Cavapoo puppy eating in a bowl

The infinite variety of dog bowls available online and in-store will perplex any dog owner. Are specific dog bowls better for outdoor or indoor use, and should your Cavapoos size or age influence your purchasing decision? Find all the answers here. Your Cavapoo’s height, age, and health will affect your dog bowl choices. It is sensible … Read more

Do Cavapoos Shed Hair or Their Coat? (Answered by an Owner)

Owner combing a Cavapoo with detangled hair on comb.

Cavapoos are known as a low shed hypoallergenic dog breed. Does this suggest that all Cavapoos shed is identical, or can coat or generation type play a role? Find all the answers here. All dog breeds shed, but with Cavapoos, the shed amount can vary from little to insignificant.  Knowing your Cavapoos genetic makeup can … Read more

How Much Exercise Does a Cavapoo Need?

Dog in the backyard playing fetch and bring back the ball

Your Cavapoo is bursting with energy. You try to accommodate that as much as you can and exercising really helps. Still, you’re not sure if you’re overexercising or even under-exercising your canine companion. How much exercise should a Cavapoo get? Cavapoos need about 30 to 60 minutes of moderate exercise per day. Since this is … Read more

New York Cavapoo Puppy Breeders (2024 List)

Cavapoo puppies in a wooden basket

The great state of New York is a place where dreams come true. If you’ve always dreamed of owning a Cavapoo puppy, you’ll find plenty of reputable breeders across the state’s five boroughs. What are the top New York Cavapoo puppy breeders? Here are 7 New York Cavapoo puppy breeders to check out: Related: Cavapoo … Read more

6 Reputable Texas Cavapoo Puppy Breeders (2024 List)

Litter of Puppies - Are All Cavapoo Dogs Born with Straight Hair

Do you live in the great state of Texas and you’re looking to adopt a Cavapoo puppy from a breeder? Perhaps you’re new to the area or this will be your first Cavapoo so you’re not sure which breeders to go through. Which are the most reputable Cavapoo puppy breeders in Texas? Here are 6 … Read more

Cavapoo Dog Bed Size Guide (Puppy to Fully-Grown)

Puppy in a Comfortable Bed - How to Get Your Puppy To Sleep Past 6am

The assortment of online and in-store dog beds can make it hard for Cavapoo owners to make the right choice. Should a puppy Cavapoo have a different bed than a more senior Cavapoo, and should size affect your dog bed selection? Find all the answers here. Considering your Cavapoo’s age, size, weight, and personality when … Read more

How Much Does a Cavapoo Puppy Cost to Buy?

Cavapoo Puppy - Cavapoo Cavoodle Dog Names

You’ve always wanted a sweet Cavapoo of your very own, and the time is finally right. You’ve found a great breeder, but they didn’t list any puppy prices on their website. How much will you spend to bring a Cavapoo puppy home? The average cost of a Cavapoo puppy is between $1,000 and $3,000 and … Read more

Cavapoo vs. Cavoodle – What’s the Difference?

Cute Cavoodle - Cavapoo Health Problems to Look Out For

There are hundreds of mixed-breed or hybrid dog breeds out there with new ones being created all the time. If you struggle to keep up with the various -oodles or -poos, that’s only natural. You’re just wondering what the difference is between Cavapoos and Cavoodles? The difference between Cavapoos and Cavoodles is in name only. … Read more